Brendan O'Carroll is off to Hollywood to make a movie with a US comedian

 There's no end to Brendan O'Carroll's successes these days, and it looks like he could be taking his career even further afield as a new opportunity has emerged in the states.

According to The Sun, Brendan is bringing Agnes Brown to Hollywood for a movie project alongside US comedian Tyler Perry, who is known for playing a no nonsense older black lady called Madea. Like O'Carroll, Perry has a successful TV show, which airs on The Oprah Winfrey channel. In fact, here's Perry talking to Oprah about it;

The pair have always been fans of the other one, with Brendan telling The Sun; "Tyler is a fantastic writer and performer. We are exploring what a movie would look like with both Mrs Brown and Madea and we are laughing a lot."

While Tyler added; "The very thought of the brilliant Brendan O’Carroll and I working together has got me beyond excited. And the thought of Mrs Brown meeting Madea???? Hysterical!"

Brendan also has big plans for a Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie sequel, although it seems Brexit is causing him some problems there, while his recent live show brought in over half a million viewers on RTE1, and 6.4 millions viewers on the BBC.

Whether you're a fan or not, it seems the sky's the limit for Agnes Brown.

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