Brendan O’Carroll reveals the future of ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys amid axing fears


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Mrs. Brown's Boys boss Brendan O'Carroll has confirmed the future of his hit Irish comedy show.

Brendan O’Carroll has revealed the future of ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys amid axing speculation.

Rumours surrounding the future of the popular show have been circulating in recent months.

However, the 66-year-old who plays the title character has admitted that the well-received Christmas specials will continue.

As long as the BBC want me to do Christmas episodes, I’ll keep doing them,” Brendan revealed.

However, he recently told RSVP magazine that he worries that the time will come that the show won’t be renewed.

“That time has to come,” he admitted. “It will be somebody else’s turn then, that’s how this business should work.”

His wife Jennifer Gibney, who plays Mrs. Brown’s daughter Cathy, added: “Listen, we have had 10 years of success and we are very lucky.”

We still can’t get over [the response to the show], it is magnificent,” Brendan said. “No doubt they will move us at some stage, maybe to Christmas Eve or Christmas week. We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but, for now, Mrs. Brown’s Boys will air on Christmas Day.”

“Are you kidding me?,” Jennifer replied to the question of whether they would retire from the show. 

On a separate occasion, Brendan joked: “I am going to die with my knickers and bra on.”

The highly anticipated spin-off to ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’, ‘All Round to Mrs. Brown’s’ was cast aside once again due to logistics issues stemming from the pandemic.

The series is filmed in BBC Glasgow, meaning the cast would be required to commute to Scotland to appear on set.

Brendan told RSVP magazine: “The problem with our show is that we record it in Glasgow. If you’re recording it in London, you might get someone on a book tour or press tour because they are staying in London.”

“But to get them to Glasgow, we have to fly them up, get them overnight and bring them back again. And people don’t often have that in the schedule, particularly in these times with Covid-19.”

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