Brendan O’Carroll, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, talks about the ‘horrible’ year.


Brendan O’Carroll, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, talks about the ‘horrible’ year.

Brendan O’Carroll, star of MRS BROWN’S BOYS, admitted to having a “terrible year” because he went 15 months without seeing his grandchildren due to the pandemic.

The actor who plays Mrs Brown on the BBC comedy series opened up about the difficulties he faced while on lockdown in Florida, where he lives with his wife and co-star Jennifer Gibney.

He admitted that the difficult period “nearly killed” them, expressing his longing to see his family.

Mrs Brown Boys recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, with Agnes Brown (played by Brendan O’Carroll) struggling to keep track of her chaotic Irish family, before returning to screens tonight for a festive special.

O’Carroll, 66, spoke candidly about his struggle with the pandemic.

“We went 15 months without seeing our grandchildren,” he explained.

We were on the verge of death.

“They were on lockdown, and we were on lockdown.”

It was just a nightmare.”

Jenny continued to the Irish Sun, “We all appreciate our hugs much more now.”

“Mrs Brown will spend her Christmas Day at the cooker,” O’Carroll teased, teasing the return of Mrs Brown’s Boys for an upcoming Christmas special.

“In November, she will begin soaking her sprouts.

She’s a huge Christmas fan.”

The BBC comedy has been well-received by audiences all over the world.

“I think it’s – first of all, she’s hard as nuts,” O’Carroll said on The One Show recently when asked about the show’s popularity.

“As all of our mammies had to be.

“I believe there are two things; she’d assist you in burying a body if she had to.”

“She just loves her kids,” he continued, “even though she can be a B, I, T, C, H at times.”

“She adores her grandchildren as well as her children.

“And I think that’s one of her redeeming qualities: she’s a lover.”

Her best friend is, and always will be, her best friend.

“There’s a sense of devotion to her.”

I’m just – she’s cuddling me on the inside.”

As he described how much the character means to him, the actor became teary-eyed.

“Ronan who replied: “I can see it actually moving you right now,” the host of The One Show, Ronan Keating, said.

As he reflected on the BBC show’s ten-year run, O’Carroll agreed.

On Christmas Day, the iconic character will return for a special episode.

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