Mrs Brown's Boys star Fiona O'Carroll responds after people have their say on Christmas special

 Fiona was joined by her dad Brendan, ex-husband Martin and the rest of her family to watch the annual program

Mrs Brown's Boys star Fiona O'Carroll has thanked all their fans for their great reaction to this year's Christmas special.

Fiona was joined by her dad Brendan, ex-husband Martin and the rest of her family to watch the annual program with the whole family posing for a picture.

Speaking on Twitter, Fiona said: "Thank you everyone who watched tonight and for all your lovely comments and messages. Merry Christmas to to all from our house to yours with love."

In the episode, broadcast on RTE and BBC, new character Mikey caused some trouble in the family as they tried to warn Granddad (Dermot O’Neill) of the new shady relative's bad intentions.

The first episode titled Mammy’s Mechanical Merriment, sawAgnes Brown ( Brendan O’Carroll ) become a new member of the church choir in Finglas.

Elsewhere, Buster (Danny O’Carroll) was forced to get creative due to a Christmas tree shortage while Dermot hosted a Murder Mystery night in aid of alcoholic greyhounds.

Viewers of the show took to social media in their droves to share opinions on the episode, and as ever, it fiercely divided people.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror last week, the star's said they actually struggle to watch the show when it first comes out.

41-year-old Fiona revealed that she pretends to be making tea while the show airs and then re-watches it by herself afterwards.

“What I tend to do is I keep putting the kettle on," she said. "And every now and then I’ll be like, ‘Right more tea!’ and I’ll head back out and be like, ‘Anybody want more tea? More biscuits?’

“I tend to keep myself busy and listen to see if I hear the kids laughing and if I hear the kids laughing I go, ‘Okay, that’s grand’."

The O'Carroll family

She added: “And then I’ll re-watch it again afterwards, quietly, by myself, so I don’t go too scarlet.

“It’s a bit mortifying actually, it’s a bit weird watching yourself on TV.”

Her co-star Eilish, 69, who plays Winnie McGoogan, Mrs. Brown's best friend and neighbour, agreed saying: “No, I find it hard to [watch].

"I can watch Maria [Brown], Fiona I should say, because she’s just brilliant but when I come on, I actually have to leave the room. Seriously, I have to watch it from behind the wall.”

The actress added: “And it’s the first time we’ve seen the show as well so we’ll be watching it when you guys are watching it.

“When you’re laughing, we’ll probably be crying,” she joked. “But seriously, when you’re laughing we’ll be laughing along with you.”

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