Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll ‘so excited’ to film Christmas special

MRS Brown's Boys star Eilish O'Carroll has said she's "so excited" to film this year's Christmas special.

It was revealed by co-star Danny O'Carroll that the festive special would be going ahead after he received the dates for filming.

Eilish plays Winnie McGoogan on the show

Eilish also confirmed that the much anticipated Christmas episode will be happening but assured everyone that they will be following strict Covid guidelines.

She said "There is going to be a Christmas special providing we are not locked down, no one comes down with Covid-19, we stick to the restrictions which are pretty aggressive.

"But I'm delighted. We start recording early October so we go over on the 29th of September to Glasgow and I'm so excited to get back to work.

"I haven't seen anybody since March apart from my niece and Damien who plays Rory and those are the only two people I've actually physically seen.

"I'll be reunited with everyone but at a social distance, we'll have to keep a social distance.

"We'll get tested when we arrive and then we have to wait for three days, I believe before we actually get the all clear.

"If one of us have it, I believe, they'll pull it."


Eilish appeared on the Six O'Clock Show yesterday alongside hosts Muireann O'Connell and Martin King.

When asked how her character on the hit sitcom, Winnie McGoogan, would deal with the coronavirus lockdown, Eilish admitted she'd be nervous about contracting the deadly virus.

She said: "Oh I think Winnie, as long as she could get next door to see Agnes, she'd be happy.

"I think Winnie might be overanxious about the lockdown, Winnie might think she's going to die.

"And everybody would have to be careful, 'Don't come near me, don't touch me'.

"Or Winnie might insist on talking to her through the window only."

She added that she hope her brother and creator of the show Brendan O'Carroll features lockdown material on the special.

I hope he uses some of it, he has great material there to make it very - Brendan always does - make it very real.

"Yeah, it should be really funny."


Eilish also opened up about being able to read tarot cards and how she got into the unusual hobby.

She said: "I started reading tarot cards when I was a teenager, bluffing my way through it and I'd say to people, 'I can read cards'.

"They were never tarot cards, they were ordinary playing cards but for some reason, these cards would talk to me and I'm not bullshitting you now, this was serious.

"I had quite a fan base to come, especially when I was working, every Friday afternoon before they all went out to the dance halls, they all wanted to know if they're were going to meet Mr Right.

"So I would read the cards for them and so on and so forth.


"But years later, I took a deeper interest in it an I thought I'd really like to understand the science behind tarot cards - if there is a science.

"I was living in the UK and I used to travel down to Portsmouth, now that was quite a journey every Thursday night to this course that they were running on tarot cards and how to read them and how to interpret them.

"And I just found the whole thing fascinating.

"When I came back to Ireland, I was going through a bit of a rough period, and a friend of mine was doing the Cork Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition and said, 'Do you want to share a stand with me because I know you read tarot cards'.

Eilish appeared on the Six O'Clock Show 

"So I said, 'OK'. Needs must. And I went and I had the two busiest days of my life.

"I was there from 8 o'clock in the morning and I think they opened at about 9.30, finished at six and I read constantly, all day.

"I did enjoy it. The only thing that I found really didn't sit well with me is charging."

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