Mrs. Brown's Boys' Eilish O'Carroll says whole cast will be tested for Covid-19 before filming

The actress, who plays Winnie McGoogan, said that she hasn't seen any of her castmates since March and she can't wait until production starts again next month

Actress Eilish O'Carroll has teased the Mrs. Brown's Boys 2020 Christmas special.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant, who plays Winnie McGoogan, said that filming begins in just three weeks time and the cast will have to follow strict guidelines.

They will be flown Scotland days in advance before being tested for Covid-19. And production will be halted if anyone tests positive or if any lockdown measures are imposed by either the Irish or British governments.

Eilish said: "There will be a Christmas special providing we are not in lockdown and nobody comes down with Covid-19. We will be sticking to the restrictions."

Speaking to hosts Muireann O'Connell and Martin King on The Six O'Clock Show, she added: "I am delighted.

"We are starting recording in early October so we are going over to Scotland on September 29."

Eilish hasn't seen any of her co-stars in person since before lockdown, including her brother, show creator and star Brendan O'Carroll and her nephew Danny O'Carroll, who plays lovable rogue Buster Brady.

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She added: "I am so excited to get back to work because I haven't seen anyone since March, except for my niece and Damien McGinty, who plays Rory.

"They are the only two people I have physically seen.

"We have to keep social distancing and we will be tested when we arrive."

Eilish hopes that Brendan uses the current pandemic in the script for the show. So what can we expect from Winnie McGoogan this Christmas?

Eilish said: "As long as she can get next door to see Agnes, I think Winnie will be happy. I think Winnie might be over anxious about lockdown, she might think she is going to die.

"She would say 'Don't come near me' or 'Don't touch me'. Winnie might insist on only talking to her through the window.

"He has material there and he always makes the show very real. It should be very funny."

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