Mrs Brown’s Boys are selling face masks so you can tell people to ‘f**k off’ without talking

You can now tell people to back off without saying a word (Picture: BBC)

Mrs Brown’s Boys has released a new face mask so you can tell people to ‘f**k off’ without opening your mouth. 

 It might be the one thing missing from our wardrobes, honestly. 

 As lockdown continues to lift, with masks still essential when heading into shops, the Irish sitcom has decided to take matters into its own hands when it comes to social distancing. 

 So, the new black mask tied to the series simply states Agnes’ catchphrase: ‘F**k off!’ 

Yup… that will do it.  

The O’Carroll family, who write and star on the show, and their cast mates, have been keeping themselves busy during the lockdown period. 

Brendan O’Carroll and team have come up with the perfect solution to our yelling needs (Picture: BBC)

Brendan, the creator, who also plays Agnes on the series, said at the beginning of lockdown that he hoped the slapstick show would keep people smiling amid the pandemic.

  He told the Irish Mail: ‘People are scared. People are afraid of things like coronavirus and the state of the world. When they get scared they get nostalgic.

 ‘Mrs. Brown is in tune with that. If they can tune in to something that is both nostalgic and funny it’s a double whammy for them. 

 ‘Half an hour when they can switch off and not think about any of that s**t.’ 

Since then, the team have been quick to join in on charity events and fundraisers, using their platform to bring in cash for those who need it. 

 Chat show series All Round To Mrs Brown’s also aired in late March, however it was filmed earlier in the year.  

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