Former Mrs Brown’s Boys star Rory Cowan vows to help Fine Gael win next General Election

ACTOR Rory Cowan has vowed do all he can to help Fine Gael win the next General Election — but insists he won’t be knocking on Twink’s door to get her vote.

The 61-year-old received a personal welcome from Tanaiste Leo Varadkar when he joined the party this week.

Rory Cowan pictured with former Fine Gael TD Noel RockCredit: Garrett White - The Sun

He immediately set about putting the boot into his party’s coalition colleagues, the Green Party, saying he has performed in front of bigger audiences than they have members.

And he has ruled out canvassing door to door at the next election, particularly at the Knocklyon home of his panto rival Twink, who he clashed with over a TV comeback a few years ago.

Rory told the Irish Sun: “Asking for her vote? That’s definitely not going to happen. Absolutely no way.”


The former Mrs Brown’s Boys star said having a famous face canvassing alongside a politician doesn’t always work.

He added:  “I helped out a councillor running for election a few years ago but when I turned up on somebody’s door, all they wanted to talk about was Mrs Brown.  I’d be trying to tell them about the candidate but all they’d be saying is ‘What’s Buster like’?”

As one of Fine Gael’s most high profile signings since RTE’s political correspondent George Lee in 2009, Rory has vowed never to seek election because he feels he lacks the patience for mainstream politics.


Rory said: “Can you imagine me in the Dail during debates. My opening would be ‘Oi f*** face. What kinda sh*** are you talking? I just wouldn’t put up with people spouting promises they can’t keep.

“But I’m also aware of hard-working constituency people who have been working for years to be elected.  I’d never want to leapfrog over them to be selected because I was known off the telly.”

The Fair City star encourages everybody in Ireland to join a political party and make a difference rather than sitting on the sideline complaining. Rory said he had been shocked that just 3,000 members had voted in the recent Green Party leadership election.


He said: “3,000? That’s a bad night at Mrs Brown’s Boys before it got popular or went on TV.

“Yet a party with so few people in it can get into power and start dictating policy when they are not representative.”

The TV star had intended to join Fine Gael in the past few months but it was pal, former Fine Gael TD Noel Rock, who had got party bosses to send out his party membership this week.

Noel told us: “They say we (Fine Gael)  are one dimensional but then we have a Ballymun born lad like me and a Ballyfermot lad like Rory.”

Rory has ruled out canvassing door to door at the next election

Rory tweeted his membership news earlier this week — and was soon getting stick on Twitter.

Rory said: “Why is it no one is allowed to have an opinion now? Here’s mine. Fine Gael are really trying. They did such a good job dealing with the Covid crisis.

“You were safer in Ireland ­during a pandemic with Fine Gael  in power than you were in the UK or the USA.”

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