Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas and New Year specials plot revealed!

Get ready for a double helping of mayhem...

Mrs Brown’s Boys fans are in for a treat this Christmas as there’s not one but two specials to look forward to starring Brendan O’Carroll!

Brendan’s Mammy Agnes Brown and her extended family have become something of a festive fixture on BBC1 and there’s a double serving!

Agnes causing chaos during last year’s festive specials

First up is A Wonderful Mammy, but things aren’t at all wonderful for Mrs B! Oh no, she seems to be annoying everyone – Betty is angry with her for giving Bono money, Mark is upset at his mum for not listening to Betty, Winnie thinks Agnes doesn’t care about her and Cathy thinks she’s too nosy.

Agnes starts to wonder if life might have been better if she’d never been born… cue the entry of “angel” Clyde, who might be able to grant her wish. Agnes doesn’t believe Clyde is really an angel but then she finds herself in a world that she doesn’t recognise and that doesn’t recognise her…

Meanwhile, the second special, Orange Is The New Mammy, features bad news for Winnie when Agnes learns that Peggy Piper the Pernod poisoner is out on appeal and could be coming back! Yikes!!

Mrs B promises to be a Christmas treat

Everyone then starts a discussion over the guilt or not of Peggy. Perhaps the only way to find out the truth is by meeting Peggy herself. Plus, Buster loses the tank Dermot’s hired for their latest promotion…

Talking about the challenge of creating a new Christmas tree stunt every year, Brendan last year commented: “Writing Mrs Brown’s Boys is still magic to me – I write it down and it pops up in front of me when we go to the BBC!

“The Christmas tree has become a bit of a tradition. Regardless of what the story is going to be, the first thing I do is sketch out the tree and send it to the boys at the Beeb.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys will be on twice over Christmas – exact timings and dates are still to be announced by the BBC.

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