Mrs Brown’s Boys returning with Christmas and New Year specials - but not everyone is happy

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MRS BROWN’S Boys is returning for not one but two festive special this Christmas but not everyone is looking forward to the Irish sitcom’s return.

Brendan O’Carroll’s Mammy Agnes Brown is back for a double serving with the two new episodes set to air on BBC One and RTE on both Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The first episode, titled A Wonderful Mammy, sees Mrs Brown in everyone’s bad books.

Betty is angry with her for giving Bono money, Mark is upset at her for not listening to Betty, Winnie thinks Agnes doesn’t care about her and Cathy thinks she’s nosy.

It’s enough to see her begin to ponder whether or not life would be better if she had never been born.

Soon an “angel” by the name of Clyde appears and seemingly grants her wish with Mrs Brown finding herself in a world she doesn’t recognise and that doesn’t recognise her.

The second special episode is titled Orange Is The New Mammy and sees Agnes facing a dilemma with the news that her mortal enemy Peggy Piper the Pernod poisoner has been released from prison on appeal.

The return of Mrs Brown's Boys for another festive special may be a source of celebration to some but plenty of fans have taken to social media to express anger at the news.

"My Christmas has been ruined," one disgruntled TV licence payer wrote on Twitter.

Another concurred stating: "Used to love Christmas TV from the big 4 channels would by the Radio Times and TV times and use a felt tip to highlight what we would watch as kids, now it’s just the same old low-fi everyday shows done because they’re cheap."

"Oh, I thought the Christmas period was supposed to be full of laughter and cheer? Seems not," a third wrote.

A fourth added: "Same old crap watched by the brain dead of Britain."

Others summed their feelings up: "A new Coldplay album, more Michael McIntyre and another Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special. What have we done to deserve this evil?"

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