Rory Cowan says he won't 'waste his time' tuning into new Twink documentary on RTE

The ex-Mrs Brown's Boys star has reignited a bitter feud between the pair

Rory Cowan has said he won't "waste his time" tuning into a new documentary about former best pal Twink.

The ex-Mrs Brown's Boys star has hit out at the Panto Queen, reigniting a bitter feud between the pair .

He said: "It's none of my business. She isn't part of my life anymore.

"I have wasted enough time and money on her. I certainly have no interest in anything that she is doing."

The one-off documentary about the 68-year-old, entitled Twinkling Trough The Years, will air on RTE this Saturday.

Adele King AKA Twink pictured at her home in Knocklyon, Dublin (Image: Colin Keegan, Collins)

Cowan, 59, worked on the show before the two friends had a high profile falling out in February 2018.

The popular Dublin actor previously spoke of how he saved Twink, whose real name is Adele King, from eviction.

He publicly claimed he helped pay off some of her mortgage arrears. This came after she branded him 'Rory the Rat' after he pulled out of the TV project.

And speaking to the Star this week, he said: "That is what it was. Except I was looking to get a whole series and a Christmas special.

"I wanted it to air in September, not this Saturday. I have no interest anymore. Whatever it is that she is doing."

The feud kick-started again last November, when Cowan ordered Twink to leave his mum Esther's funeral .

Rory Cowan and Adele 'Twink' King at the funeral of Esther (inset)

Speaking to the Irish Mirror at the time, Cowan said: "There has been bad blood between us for over a year now and there have been dreadful things said that can't be unsaid.

"She came over and tipped me on the shoulder and I told her: 'You shouldn't be here. This event is for family and friends and you are neither. Go home.'

"She would have known that I didn't want her there. She didn't consider my feelings at all.

"She was using my mother's funeral as a reason to reconcile and you just don't do that. I have no time for her."

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