How a comedy monster came into being: Brendan O’Carroll talks ahead of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Musical in Birmingham

A brand new show for 2019 will attract tens of thousands of fans to Mrs Browns Boys D’Musical

Mrs Brown's Boys

The performance will feature at Birmingham’s Resorts World Arena tonight, tomorrow and on Sunday – after thrilling huge crowds across the UK.

The award-winning Brendan O’Carroll is behind the new production and he promises to take audiences on an exhilarating, side-splitting, musical adventure.

O’Carroll said: “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical? will have you crying with laughter, tapping your toes and you will leave the show singing and smiling to yourself. We are having such fun doing this and can’t wait to share it not just with fans of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, but to anyone who needs a good night out.”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ success has been nothing short of incredible.

Voted the No. 1 Sitcom of the 21st Century, awards include five BAFTAs, four National Television Awards, three TV Choice Awards, three TV Times Awards as well as RTS, TRIC and National Comedy Awards. It is a ratings smash across the globe. Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ live show has broken box office records across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The show is ostensibly Mrs Brown’s Boys with songs. O’Carroll adds: “It’s a straight comedy show, a new show, with songs. A bunch of property developers want to turn the market into apartments. But Mrs Brown and the traders get together to fight it.

“Mrs Brown takes it to court and wins, but a legal bill for £175,000 arrives. So she has to find a way to raise the money and comes up with the idea of doing a musical. The opening scene of the musical is the closing scene of the show. It’s a real good laugh.”

The show started out on radio and became a phenomenon.

“I didn’t know that much about radio back then and I didn’t realise how popular it soon became,” O’Carroll continued. “Prisoners in the local prisons wanted to be locked up to listen to it. Taxis would pull in so that the drivers could listen without being distracted. Hairdressers would turn off their dryers at 4.30pm.

“I needed to find a way of cashing in on it so at the end of every episode the presenter would tell the listeners that Mrs Brown’s Boys was made by a comedian and he’d flag up where I was gigging.

“He’d say, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys is produced by Brendan O’Carroll and you can see him tonight in Cork’, that sort of thing.”

Suddenly, O’Carroll’s ticket sales went through the roof and a series of Mrs Brown’s Boys books followed.

O’Carroll laughs at the idea that he had a great masterplan. He didn’t. He just worked hard and things fell into place.

“It would be very clever of me to say I had a plan and it all worked out… I had no plan. At all,” he said.

“Honest to God, this was a five-minute piece for radio. That piece then turned into a novel, then two novels, three novels, four novels! Then it was a stage play, then five stage plays, then a movie with Anjelica Huston, and then a movie with me playing the part of Mrs Brown.”

He loves the response he gets from fans in UK arenas.

“When you hear 5,000 people burst into laughter spontaneously it actually makes your clothes vibrate. It’s the strangest thing. You just go, ‘Oh my God’ as you feel it,” he says in awe.

“The pace has to change a little bit because you have such a large crowd, but the only real difference is the fact that it’s terrifying. It was a very different way of working, I didn’t know whether to write the songs first and then the story, or write the story first and then come up with the song afterwards.”

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