Rory Cowan reveals that his dream role would be to play Norris Cole’s pal in Coronation Street

Rory Cowan (Image: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM)

Rory Cowan has revealed his dream job would be playing Norris Cole’s pal in Coronation Street.

The former Mrs Brown’s Boys actor has always imagined landing a role on the iconic soap.

And he said he can see himself as a gossip and believes he would be perfect to pair up with fan favourite Norris, inset, who ran newsagent’s The Cabin in Weatherfield.

The 59-year-old added: “What would appeal to me, I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought if I ever left Mrs Brown’s Boys I would love to do a soap.

“I would love Coronation Street. I think there could be something between myself and Norris, although he has sold The Cabin now.

“I always thought myself and Norris would be fabulous, that we would make a great pair.

“I used to watch the omnibus of Fair City every Sunday when I’d go up to my mother and she’d just be sitting there, God love her, and looking at the telly for something to be on.

Malcolm Hebden plays Norris Cole (Image: ITV)

“I used to watch it and thought there wasn’t enough comedy in it.

“They should put me behind the counter in the local shop, I could be the real gossipy one, causing murder everywhere.”

The Dubliner is currently starring in this year’s Olympia Panto, Polly and the Magic Lamp, alongside former Dancing With The Stars contestants Jake Carter and Erin McGregor.

He has also finished writing an autobiography called Mrs Cowan’s Boy which will tell all about the actor’s relationship with his beloved mum Esther, who died last month after a long battle with dementia.

Rory said: “It was supposed to come out for Christmas but because I was working on rehearsals with the panto starting, I wouldn’t have been able to promote it in December.

“I thought this is going to get lost, I wouldn’t get the Late Late shows or the Ray D’Arcy shows because I’m working. There are so many books out now that mine would be lost if I wasn’t out promoting it.

“The publishers wanted an autobiography but interwoven with stories about my mother, my relationship with my mother and there are some very funny stories with her going back through the years. So this is what the book is about. The publishers came back to me when I told them I wouldn’t be available, we put it back so we’re now looking at a release around Mother’s Day or Easter.

“Then I’ll have plenty of time to go around, promote it and do signings.”

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