Brendan O’Carroll reveals behind-the-scenes family rows on Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys stars Brendan O’Carroll and his wife Jennifer Gibney have revealed that they have had the odd spat while making their hit comedy.

Brendan and Jennifer, who have been married since 2005, both star in the sitcom with Brendan playing Irish matriarch Agnes Brown and Jennifer as Cathy, Agnes’ daughter. 

Working closely with your family rarely runs smoothly, and the TV stars admitted that they aren’t immune to a bit of friction, sometimes right up until the moment they walk on stage in front of the audience. 

But whatever they were rowing about gets totally forgotten when they perform as they’re too focused on delivering a great show.

 When asked if they ever fall out while working together, Brendan said: ‘Oh god yes.

’ Jennifer added: ‘We’re not The Waltons. 

‘It’s funny because even when we’re doing the live show, there’s something magical about doing the show.

Jennifer Gibney and husband Brendan O’Carroll, second left, admit that they have family squabbles while making the show (Picture: BBC)

‘It doesn’t matter, you can be shouting at each other right when you walk through the door, and then as soon as you get on the stage, it’s never ever brought on stage.

 ‘And by the time you’re finished you’ve forgotten what you were arguing about.’

 Brendan agreed saying: ‘You’re looking at each other going, “Well what were we going on about? I can’t even remember.”‘

Brendan and Jennifer have been married since 2005 (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

They also revealed their secret to a successful marriage, and Jennifer said she takes inspiration from her dad. 
She explained: ‘My lovely dad he had a great idea for a happy marriage.

 ‘He always said, “It’s called The Trinity. There’s three people in every marriage: there’s you, there’s me and there’s us, and you have to allow equal time for each.”‘

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