Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll announces plans for new Army sitcom

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll announces new Army sitcom (Picture: Getty/ BBC

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll has revealed plans to create a new comedy – and it couldn’t be more different than his fan-fave sitcom.

The series, currently titled Lebanese Outpost, will centre around a group of Irish Army peacekeepers based in Lebanon in the 80s.

 But the farcical comedy writer has made sure that veterans are involved with the process to make sure it’s as sensitive as possible.

Mrs Brown’s Boys remains a favourite around the Christmas and New Year (Picture: BBC)

Announcing his plans in the Irish Sun, Brendan revealed: ‘I got a lovely letter from the Commandant who looks after press for the Irish army saying they would love to co-operate. 

‘I’m delighted because I want to portray the hardship these young men went through and what it was like for these volunteers being so far away from home.’

 More than 400 Irish soldiers are currently serving in Lebanon as part of the United Nations Interim Force, after initially being deployed there in 1978 to oversee the withdrawal of Israeli forces.

Brendan has revealed that he’s spoken to troops about their own experiences to create the show (Picture: Rex)

There have been 47 deaths in the ranks since first setting base there, but Brendan has revealed that the humanitarian role actually has plenty of comedic potential for the UK and Ireland. 

‘I’ve spoken to so many guys who were in the Lebanon and every one of them had a funny story and I loved hearing them,’ he said. 

It looks like things are going to be busy for the O’Carroll clan, after Brendan’s son Danny – who plays Buster on the show, revealed he had written a script for a new movie focusing on his character’s friendship with Dermot.

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