Eilish O'Carroll teases Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Day episode on RTE and BBC

She has already seen the script and knows the storyline

Eilish O'Carroll has teased the Christmas episode of Mrs. Brown's Boys ahead of its big return in December.

The cast gathered together in Scotland this week as writer Brendan O'Carroll revealed the exciting script. Now, everyone is dying to know what the storyline will be.

Eilish , who plays Winnie McGoogan, said: "All I can say it is extremely funny."

However, she admitted that her character will play a central role. She added on The Ray D'Arcy Show : "I am massive in it, I am only massive.

Ray asked her if there would be any celebrity guests joining the cast this year, but the 66-year-old kept quiet.

"Not that I know of," she added.

Opening up, she explained: "He keeps everything under wraps. We saw sight of the script on Friday, we read it, and then it was taken away.

"We never know what is going to happen. It is in the script, it says BOB which means bit of business."

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