What time is BBC Mrs Brown's Boys on TV on Christmas Day and who are the guest stars?


Mrs Brown's Boys is on Christmas Day at 10.45pm on BBC One ( Image: SCU)

BBC Mrs Brown's Boys is set to return on Christmas Day for its annual festive special of the comedy show.

Viewers will be treated to the 28 minute comedy programme at 10.45pm on Christmas Day with a follow up scheduled for News Year's Day at 10pm.

Creator Brendan O'Carroll, who also stars as Agnes Brown, will reprise his role as the potty-mouthed matriarch who has become a fan favourite due to her hilarious relationship with her children. This year's Christmas special, titled Mammy's Mare, shows Agnes desperately wanting a quiet and peaceful festive period at home. But her brood have other ideas.

Agnes' daughter Cathy, played by Jennifer Gibney, has decided to cook Christmas dinner for the first time. Meanwhile, a sentimental decoration has gone missing which undoubtedly causes mayhem and in addition, a surprise dinner guest threatens to quash any hope of a quiet Christmas for the matriarch.

On New Year's Day, the episode which is titled New Year, New Mammy, sees Agnes trying to kick start 2024 with healthy living. And a mysterious visitor raises a difficult conversation over her and Winnie's past. It seems as though Brendan has been thinking about this year's special since last year in bid to make it one to remember.

Speaking to Yahoo! news last year, he revealed: "I'm already thinking about Christmas 2023 and what I'm going to do with the Christmas tree! I put a tree gag in the first Christmas special as a bit of fun and it became a thing, with everyone now thinking, 'I wonder what it'll be this year?' I dug my own grave there!'"

He added: "We're a traditional family, so my kids come round Christmas morning and we eat fried Christmas pudding and bacon. Then they all come back again later — there's about 30 of us — to watch the Christmas special." And all the familiar faces will return to our screen including Paddy Houlihan as Dermot, Pat Shields as Mark, Eilish O'Carroll as Winnie, Jamie O'Carroll as Bono and Fiona O'Carroll as Maria.

Back in September, the star opened up on dealing with family tragedy. His beloved mother passed away in 1984, while his eldest child tragically died shortly after he was born. Speaking to RSVP Live, Brendan said: "Loss is the hardest part of life and the most difficult thing to cope with." He then admitted: "As a result, I am terrible at funerals and I avoid them if I can. Friends of mine know I won't turn up to them. I can't do funerals."

On his TV success he added: "People say to me that I must be living my dream, but I am so far past living my dream, it is unreal." He then continued to say: "If I died tomorrow I wouldn't say there was anything else I wanted to achieve. I am way beyond reaching everything I've wanted to achieve in life."

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