Mrs Brown’s Boys creator plans two new shows


Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll is working on two new shows: a sitcom and a reality series.

The 67-year-old says he is planning to turn his 1990s play The Course into a six-part comedy.

And he wants a broadcaster to follow his family – many of whom co-star in Mrs Brown’s Boys – as they go from town-to-town putting on shows.

More than  decade ago O’Carroll announced that the BBC had commissioned a pilot based on The Course,  which drew on his brief stint as an insurance salesman – but nothing ever came of it.

Now he has told today’s Daily Star Sunday: ‘There are two things I want to do.

‘The first play I ever wrote was about six losers who are taking a positive mental attitude course so they can sell insurance. It was really funny. So I’d love to make that into a six-part series.’

‘And the other project I’d love to do is a show that documents me and my family going to different towns, putting up a tent and performing.

‘It would include footage of the shows and also stuff about the family on the road. I think it would be a nice series.’

The comic is about to go on tour again with Mrs Brown Rides Again, kicking off at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow next month.

The TV series has been on the BBC since 2011 and at its peak attracted 11.4million viewers, despite being largely hated by viewers. Last year’s two-part Christmas special attracted an average audience of 3.8million. 

Six more episodes are coming this year, a four-part mini-series and the festive specials.

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