Danny O'Carroll's Best Things in Life: Concert, travel, family memories and dad Brendan's advice

 Best Things in Life: Mrs Brown's Boys actor Danny O'Carroll talks music, food, movies as well as family life with wife Amanda and his sons Jamie and Blake

Danny O’Carroll has been making us laugh for years thanks to his role as Buster Brady on the smash hit comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Here, the Dubliner chats to RSVP about the things in life that make him smile - from his all-time favourite concert to his go-to restaurant dish.

Danny also talks family life with his wife Amanda and their sons Jamie and Blake, and why his dad Brendan will always be his biggest inspiration.


I went to see Robbie Williams at the Hydro in Glasgow. I was filming Mrs Brown’s Boys beside the venue at the time and managed to get tickets for two nights in a row. He’s such a brilliant entertainer and I love his songs.


I love The Greatest Showman. My kids Jamie and Blake are always mad to watch it, but it always ends up just me in the sitting room watching it until the end!

Travel Destination

I have my own place in Florida because my dad lives there so I try to get over there as much as I can. But for a quick getaway, me and my family love Portugal and often go to the Algarve. The sun is always shining whenever we’re there and I get to play some golf too.

Food Heaven

I love a good fillet steak. I’ll admit that I’m not very experimental when it comes to food. My wife Amanda loves trying new things, but I always say you can’t go wrong with a good steak.


A couple of pints of Guinness followed by some vodkas with Coke. Bliss!


I know it’s a cliché, but the day my children were born. When my eldest son Jamie was born I remember being absolutely terrified. I actually couldn’t eat for the first two weeks! If he was in the room with me I would be so nervous and I worried I was going to feel like that forever. I kept thinking, ‘If I don’t feed this little thing he will die!’ I was only 22 at the time, so I’ll never forget it. And thankfully that feeling passed!


It has to be my dad, 100%. I can’t imagine it being anybody else. Dad is my hero.

Danny and Brendan O'Carroll

Piece of advice

When I was growing up Dad always told me, “Be anything you want to be, son. Just don’t be normal!” All these years later I don’t know what normal is but I can guarantee you I’m not!

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