Mrs Brown's Boy star Danny O'Carroll admits feeling 'livid' at negative reaction

 Mrs Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll has opened up about how he feels when reading negative reactions to the BBC series.

Mrs Brown's Boy star Danny O'Carroll admits feeling 'livid' at negative reaction (Image: BBC)

Mrs Brown's Boys is set to return later this year with a new mini-series after its return over the festive period. However, the two episodes across Christmas Day and New Year received some backlash from viewers. Danny O'Carroll, who plays Buster Brown, has opened up on how it makes him and his family feel when they read negative comments on the show.

The two episodes saw Buster Brown (Danny O'Carroll) and Grandad Brown (Dermot O'Neill) convinced that Cathy Brown's (Jennifer Gibney) new boyfriend was a vampire.

However, during the second episode which was titled Mammy's Hair Loom, many viewers threatened to switch off after branding the series "not funny."

Danny O'Carroll previously spoke out about how he felt when he first started on the show, and the impact that negative reviews had on him and his family.

He told "It is madness. I don't know what it is but we enjoy it. Listening to all the arguments about it.

"At the end of the day, Mrs Brown is just a bit of fun, and comedy, but if people take it to heart then I am sorry, it is not a big deal for us.

"We are not out trying to upset anybody, if people don't laugh then I am sorry but there is a remote control right beside you."

Danny continued: "But listen you are never going to make everyone happy, it is always going to be 50/50 and it's the press at Christmas that gets me, they slaughter the show.

"They are the ones that get me because I feel like they don't even watch the show, they already have it written before the show goes out.

"They are the ones that get me, not the fans. I used to as a kid, when I see people saying things about my dad and stuff. I used to be livid.

"But now, I am calm and dad has taught me how to ignore it. Listen, people love to stir a bit of shit and Mrs Brown seems to be the show that they get a reaction from," he concluded.

On New Year's Day, viewers took to their Twitter accounts to express their disappointment over the episodes.

The series followed the return of the crime drama Happy Valley, which many had been highly anticipating.

@mrsgoggin commented: "A station of two halves. The absolutely brilliant #HappyValley followed by the dreadful #MrsBrownsBoys.

Daniel Carry added: "To go from #HappyValley to the appallingly awful #MrsBrownsBoys is like going from eating caviar to shovelling s**t in your mouth." (sic)

Trevor Bayfield fumed: "From the sublime #HappyValley to the utterly ridiculous #MrsBrownsBoys."

Lesley Beatrice-Ann expressed: "Glad that the general public are finally cottoning on that @MrsBrownsBoys is unfunny, tired and well past its retirement date (a bit like Brendon himself!)"

Martyn Notman claimed: "Just how many times is BBC going to keep flogging this dead donkey? #MrsBrownsBoys."

However, some viewers seemed to love the show, with @lfc_backup praising: "This episode is already better than the Christmas Day episode #mrsbrownsboys." (sic)

The Christmas special also received backlash with many branding the show "unwatchable" and unhappy with the storylines and comedy.

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