Mrs Brown's Boys star confirms 2 Christmas specials and new miniseries

 The sitcom has been a fixture of the holiday season for a decade.

BBC / Alan Peebles

It seems that fans of long-running sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys are in for a treat, as star Fiona O'Carroll has revealed that plans are in the works for more episodes - and not just the series's annual Christmas outings.

The sitcom has become a mainstay of BBC One's Christmas schedule, with annual Christmas and New Year specials airing on the channel.

However, O'Carroll, who plays Maria Brown and is also the daughter of creator and star Brendan, has reportedly revealed to the RTE Guide that not only are the cast shooting specials for this holiday season, they are also at work on a four-part miniseries.

As reported by the Sun, she said: "In October we'll be filming Mrs Brown: two Christmas specials and the first of a miniseries of four episodes, the other three early next year."
The BBC declined to comment when approached by about the reports.

Mrs Brown's Boys first started airing in 2011 and since then has produced more than 40 episodes of TV and a film spin-off, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie.

If a miniseries were to go ahead, it would be the first longer run of episodes the sitcom has had since 2013, after which only specials have been produced.
According to the Sun, Fiona O'Carroll previously told Virgin Media One show Ireland AM that the team were "supposed to be doing a mini series this year but, unfortunately, due to various different reasons it didn't happen", confirming at the time that "there is talk of it happening next year, a possible miniseries".

She went on to explain that "it is not just down to us, it is down to studio time, it is down to crew and it is down to cast."
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