Brendan O'Carroll will keep doing Mrs Brown Christmas specials on one condition

 Mrs Brown’s Boys will return with special episodes over Christmas and New Year

Danny stars as Buster Brady on Mrs Brown's Boys alongside real-life father Brendan O'Carroll who plays the titular character (Image: BBC)

Brendan O’Carroll's son has said his famous dad plans to continue with Mrs Brown’s Boys - but only on one condition.

Danny O’Carroll, who plays Buster Brady in the hit sitcom alongside real-life father Brendan O'Carroll, spoke about where the future of the comedy lies ahead of the show’s all-new miniseries.

The actor, 39, from Finglas, explained that any new episodes or seasons depend on their annual Christmas specials.

Danny shared that the Mrs Brown’s Boys cast has a lot going on and there is no sign of the programme slowing down.

“We just filmed [this year's] Christmas Special up in Glasgow,” he told The Sun Online. “So we have one on Christmas Day and one on New Year's and then we have a mini-series that we're doing early next year.

“There's always stuff going on, and as long as they [the BBC] keep asking for it we'll keep doing it.

“It's up to dad really but he will never retire.”

However, Danny revealed the one thing that could make Brendan decide to end the beloved Mrs Brown’s Boys show.

He said: “I think [Brendan] said himself, if it's not going to be on on Christmas Day, he'll stop doing it.”

His sister Fiona, who plays Maria Brown, in Mrs Brown's Boys previously told the RTE Guide what fans can expect from the show this festive season - with six episodes in store.

"In October we'll be filming Mrs Brown - two Christmas specials and the first of a mini-series of four episodes, the other three early next year," she said.

Mrs Brown’s Boys will return to BBC One with special episodes over Christmas and New Year.

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