Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special 2022 and New Year's special: all we know

 The Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special is a "scary one" promises creator Brendan O' Carroll.

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The Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special 2022 and New Year's Day special are undoubted Christmas TV highlights for all the family to enjoy.

Brendan O'Carroll is back as Agnes Brown for two comedy specials, one going out on Christmas Day and the other on New Year's Day on BBC One.

We've been enjoying the Mrs Brown festive specials since 2011, but Brendan hasn't had quite so much joy writing them!

Talking about the episodes he quips that they were "such fun to film" but "agony" to write. 

"I'm already thinking about Christmas 2023 and what I'm going to do with the Christmas tree!".

He adds: "I put a tree gag in the first Christmas special as a bit of fun and it became a thing, with everyone now thinking. 'I wonder what it'll be this year?' I dug my own grave there!'"

As to his own Christmas plans, Brendan says: "We're a traditional family, so my kids come round Christmas morning and we eat fried Christmas pudding and bacon. Then they all come back again later — there's about 30 of us — to watch the Christmas special."

Here's everything we know about the two specials...

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special 2022 air date and New Year's special time

The Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special 2022 will air on BBC One at 10.25 pm on Christmas Day. While the New Year's Day special will air at 10 pm. Both episodes will also be available on iPlayer.

What's the plot?

There's a sinister suitor, terrifying twins and a constantly vanishing tree in the festive episode. "You're in for a scary one," promises Brendan. 

Obviously, the tree plays a big part as ever. "It vanishes, then it's back, and so on. It has poor old Agnes befuddled!" 

To reflect the creepy nature of the episode it's called "Shining Mammy". We know that Cathy [played by Brendan's wife, Jennifer Gibney] brings home a new boyfriend Boris, who the family reckons is a vampire. 

As to the New Year's Day special, called "Mammy's Hair Loom", Brendan says: "Agnes decides to get an antique vase valued that's her pride and joy — or is it?"

Is there a trailer?

Sadly not yet.

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