Rory Cowan could have entered I'm A Celebrity jungle but health issue ruled him out

 Exclusive: The former Mrs Brown's Boys star was approached in 2019 after he quit working for Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O'Carroll and Rory Cowan (Image: Brian McEvoy)

Actor Rory Cowan has revealed he met with I’m A Celebrity bosses – but couldn’t go through with talks after he discovered he had Type 2 diabetes.

The former Mrs Brown’s Boys star revealed to us that he flew to London to meet with jungle bosses back in 2019 after he sensationally quit Brendan O’Carroll’s show.

He said: “I’ve been approached to do a few things. I met the people back in I’m A Celebrity back in 2019 in London after I left Brendan.

“It was the day before I went on holiday to Israel and when I was in Israel, I discovered I had Type 2 diabetes.

“They never made me an offer, but I was talking to them.”

Rory said when he returned from holidays, he had to tell them he had Type 2 diabetes, ultimately ruling him out of ever having a chance to appear on the show.

“I have to watch what I eat. I have to eat at regular times, and I have to eat properly

Rory said he would’ve considered it if he didn’t have Type 2 diabetes.

The Dubliner said he also had to turn down Dancing on Ice as well – because of our lack of ice rinks to train.

“There’s no way I could’ve done Dancing on Ice because there’s no ice rinks in Ireland, the closest one is in Belfast, and I wouldn’t be able to go up there every day and do it.”

He gave DoI bosses an ultimatum and said unless they were prepared to put him up in London until the end of the show so he could practice on UK ice rinks, he couldn’t take part.

“I never heard back from them,” he said laughing.

Rory said he’s asked “every season” to do Dancing With The Stars and cannot take part next year after he underwent back surgery a few weeks ago.

“It’s nothing serious but I wouldn't be able to throw myself around the floor. It was a disc sitting on my nerve. It was nothing serious, but I’ve been told to take it easy.”
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