Is Dermot Brown related to Mrs Brown?


Mrs Brown’s Boys is a highly celebrated Irish television sitcom created by Brendan O’Carroll. It was produced in the United Kingdom under the auspices of BBC Scotland in collaboration with BOC-PIX and Irish broadcaster RTÉ.

In the series, O’Carroll appeared as Agnes Brown, with several close friends as well as family members consisting of the rest of the cast.

Is Dermot Brown related to Mrs Brown?

The show makes use of an informal production style that breaks the fourth wall, where some production mistakes and tomfoolery, mostly caused by O’Carroll, are incorporated into each episode.

Even though it got lambasted by critics and unfavourable comparisons to Father Ted, the show’s rating success in both Ireland, its place of setting, and the United Kingdom, where it is recorded, is remarkable.

It also amasses high ratings in Australia, New Zealand as well as Canada. The show has bagged several awards.

Dermot Robert Brown, who is the 4th child of Agnes Brown, shares a close relationship with the rest of the cast members of Mrs Brown’s Boys shows in real life.

Amanda, his wife, appeared as Betty Brown, as well as his son, Jamie, played Bono Brown. Martin Delany, his brother-in-law in real life also plays Mrs Brown’s youngest son, Trevor.

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