Mrs Brown’s Boys' Eilish O’Carroll reveals plan to marry girlfriend Marion O'Sullivan after 20 years

 The long-standing couple, who met in Cork, campaigned for marriage equality in Ireland, but they have never tied the knot over their two decade long romance - but now they are talking about it

Eilish O'Carroll and Marian O'Sullivan photographed at the Alex Hotel, Dublin for RSVP Magazine (Image: Ramona Farrelly)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll and her girlfriend Marion O'Sullivan are talking about getting married.

The couple have been together for 20 years, and they campaigned for marriage equality in Ireland, but they have never tied the knot.

Their wedding would be a bid to beat the taxman when one of them dies because they want to protect their properties.

Eilish, who plays Winnie McGoogan on the hit comedy show, told Sunday World: “We have talked about marriage. We talk round it, talk about it and I campaigned hard and heavy for it because I just believe in choice and people having the rights in life as everybody else.

“It wasn’t so I could march down the aisle. But the option is there if we ever want to do it,”

“The main reason we are talking about getting married is because of property, because I’m f***ed, excuse my French, if what I worked really hard for ends up in the taxman’s pocket – and it will do because we are not married."

The couple used to live together in West Cork but Eilish currently lives in the North Strand area of Dublin, while Marion lives and owns a house in her native Cork city.

“I loved where I was in west Cork but it was just very isolated and most of the work I was doing was coming from Dublin,” she said.

“So, it was like ‘this is crazy, I might as well move up sooner rather than later’ – and I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be able to afford it now, let me tell you.

“Marion still has a place in Cork city but we go between the two because I still have a lot of friends in Cork, which is lovely, so we have the best of both worlds.”

During the pandemic, Eilish sadly lost two sisters, Maureen and Fiona, and a sister-in-law.

Her came together for a memorial service in Corduff and Ongar in Dublin last weekend to celebrate they lives they lost as a family.

She said: “It was really needed, because we didn’t get a chance as a family to actually grieve together, so there was a lot of snots and tears last weekend."

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