Former Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan writing his own TV series

 EXCLUSIVE: He hopes to entertain audiences with funny stories about growing up in the 70s and mid-80s during the gay scene.

Rory Cowan at the opening of the state of the art BodyByrne Gym at the Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin. (Image: Brian McEvoy)

ORMER MRS Browns Boys star Rory Cowan has revealed he is writing his own TV series.

The Star can reveal the actor – who quit Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs Brown in 2017 – will be making the series based on snippets from his autobiography, Mrs Cowan’s Boy, which he released in 2019.

Rory is writing the book with Karl Broderick and said he hopes to entertain audiences with funny stories about growing up in the 70s and mid-80s during the gay scene.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Rory said: “I’m talking about the gay scenes in Dublin in the 70s and 80s when there was no protection, no rights. We were criminalised anyway but at the same time it was a great scene.”

Dubliner Rory said he got the idea to write the series after watching hit drama It’s A Sin, which tells the story of a group of friends living through the AIDS crisis in the late 1980s and early 90s.

“So I wanted to write about that and I got the idea from It’s A Sin. That was very true to its time," he said.

“So many people don’t know, like the hilarious things… (I know) people died, they weren’t entitled to inheritance, they had no rights. But there are very funny stories around it so I wanted to do something about that. I have all the stories and they are all true based on people I know.

“It’s going to very reflective and true to the times of the gay scene in Ireland.

Mrs Brown's Boys

“I did loads of interviews on TV on gay life and all they want to hear about is the bad things.”

But the 62-year-old said he had some funny moments growing up on the gay scene in Ireland and wants to show that to audiences – but it will show the serious issues that men and women also faced.

“It was brilliant, I had a great time… but at the same time I know seven people who committed suicide and I know people who got thrown out of houses because they had no inheritance rights," he said.

“I’ve known bad things but at the same time, it was great. And all the great bits are going to be lost because everyone wants the bad times, ‘times were terrible, my family threw me out, I was bullied in school’ – that still happens but I wanted to show the good side, as well as the bad side.

“There are also some terrible things in it that really need to be highlighted. Ireland is great now, but it was sh*t then for gay people. It really was, with regards to rights.

“I could write a book, I can write press releases.; but I’ve never written a script and Karl Broderick has. I was trying to find people to work with and I got talking to Karl and I’ve known him a long time, so we’ve started to write now.

“It’s brilliant stuff.”

But the Fair City star said he won’t be starring in it and will take on a more behind the scenes role instead.

“No (I won’t be in it). It’s going to be set I the 70s and mid-80s," he said.

“I’ve to get a producer too. We were working on scenes and then we’re going to approach people.”

He said he hopes his success as Rory Brown in Mrs Brown’s Boys will entice fans of Brenda’s comedy series to tune in when it does air next year.

“Behind it all I was Rory Brown, so I’m known in Australia and New Zealand, Canada and America so we’ll be able to sell it hopefully.

“I’m loving working with Karl Broderick. He’s too young to remember the times so he was amazed by half of the stuff. So I work better with someone. I don’t like working on my own.

“My book was a year late… because I was working on my own. I hate working on my own.

“I’ve had a great time. I’m loving Fair City and I’m back in Fair City at the end of this month and I love it.

“But I want to do something else now and I think this is a good story and it is a true story. True stories are the best.

“They’ll love it. It’ll show just the way things were,” he added.

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