Mrs Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll shows off weight loss results in before and after picture

 The Buster Brady actor switched up his diet and exercise routine over the course of the pandemic, and today took to Instagram to share an update with his followers

Danny O'Carroll shares before and after picture as he continues his weight loss journey (Image: Instagram/Danny O'Carroll)

Danny O'Carroll has shared a before and after picture to show off the results of his weight loss.

The Mrs Brown's Boys actor decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle over the course of the pandemic and has kept his social media followers updated along the way.

When Danny started his weight loss journey last May, he weighed just over 14 stone and through a healthy diet and consistent fitness regime was down to 12 stone by December.

Sharing a new picture on Instagram today, the Dubliner could be seen sporting an even slimmer figure and toned physique.

"How it started versus how it's going," he captioned the snap.

Danny previously told RSVP Live how he decided to change his lifestyle last year, but admitted that he didn't know much about health or fitness.

Nonetheless, he achieved great results by switching up his diet and taking exercise more seriously.

He told us: "I don’t know a lot about dieting and exercise, I’m just doing everything off the cuff. I don’t have a personal trainer or I’m not running around for advice or stuff.

"I got the MyFitnessPal app and I’ve started logging my calories every day. I also train every day. I have a FitBit and I make sure to get my 10,000 steps before I hit the treadmill and run 5-8 kilometres, and then do a dumbbell workout for as long as I feel like.

"I was a big night-time eater, eating absolute sh**e at night-time. So I started buying these meals from this personal trainer Andy Malone - spicy chicken and sweet potato wedges, chicken curries, Thai green curries, all really nice stuff. I eat three of them a day and I might have a protein yoghurt if I’m hungry.”

Danny has found the best way to maintain his new healthy lifestyle is by not depriving himself of the things he still enjoys to eat.

The TV star continued: "I’ve really just changed my routine around. I try to get to bed early, get up early, and I cut out drink.

"I may have a blip when the kids get pizza and I have a slice, but I just log the calories in MyFitnessPal. If I want a KFC, I’ll treat myself to a KFC."

Danny continues to document his weight loss journey online, and is spurred on by his loyal followers.

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