US comedian Tyler Perry reveals he would love to film an episode of Mrs Brown's Boys

 "I just love him and I love working with him every second and I hope to do more projects with him.”

Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney and Tyler Perry on A Madea Homecoming

AMERICAN superstar actor Tyler Perry confirms he hopes to make Brendan O’Carroll a household name in the United States after Mrs Brown’s appearance in the billionaire’s forthcoming movie A Madea Homecoming.

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe will be able to see Mrs Brown and her daughter Kathy (Jennifer Gibney) arrive in America for a relation’s graduation party when the comedy goes on release worldwide on Netflix on Friday.

“I’ve seen several episodes for sure of Mrs Brown’s Boys, I think he’s brilliant,” Tyler tells

“I equate his genius to Robin Willams, his comedic timing and how he portrays Mrs Brown. I just love him and I love working with him every second and I hope to do more projects with him.””

Tyler also confirms he’d love to fly over to film an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys as his character Madea.

“Wherever they film next I’m there. I had such a joy of working with him and Jenny, it was really really great,” he beams. “So, wherever we go next let me know because I’m going to be there for sure.”

Although Mrs Brown’s Boys is filmed in Scotland, Tyler confesses he’d still love to properly visit Ireland.

“The only time I’ve been to Ireland was to Shannon a few times, when we stopped off to refuel,” he recalls. “It wasn’t a place I had a great experience with but I’d love to see more of Ireland.”

Brendan admits he’s thrilled to be working with someone of Tyler’s stature.

A Madea Homecoming
“I was a fan of Madea for a long time. Although we may not be familiar with Madea too much in Europe, we see it over here and everybody loves Madea,” explains Brendan from his home in Florida.

“At this stage she could have her own channel, I wish she would. My agent was contacted and we started talking about personal stuff, not making a movie together. We are very very close.

“Our birthdays are just a couple of days apart. He was raised by his mom, as I was. His mom had a huge influence on me, my mom had all the influence on me. So, we had a lot in common.

"So, we started chatting and talked about doing stuff together and here we are together we a great little movie together. One that’s going to make a lot of people happy and we haven’t laughed in two and a half years.”

The new movie cost just over $20m (E19m) to make and is centred on Madea’s grandson’s college graduation.

The one hour 45 minute long film features all-stars of the Madea franchise, including Tamela Mann (Cora), David Mann (Mr. Brown), Cassi Davis Patton (Aunt Bam) as well as a guest appearance from iconic Irish actor Brendan O'Carroll, who matches Madea’s comedic prowess as Agnes Brown.

In several parts of the new movie Madea confuses Ireland for Iran, with a storyline also based on Agnes’s mixed race grand-nephew coming to Ireland to run the family farm.

Tyler Perry was recently name-checked by Prince Harry during his famous interview with Oprah Winfrey when he revealed the actor helped the royal and Meghan find a house in America and also provided security for them.

Father-of one Perry has an estimated fortune of over one billion dollars and as well as owning his own huge studio in Atlanta owns several mansions in America and the Bahamas.

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