'Much better than the BBC' Mrs Brown's Boys star opens up about filming new project

 MRS BROWN'S BOYS creator and star Brendan O'Carroll has swapped Ireland for the United States of America and is soon to be starring in an upcoming Tyler Perry project.

The Mrs Brown star said filming in the USA was much better than the BBC (Image: BBC )

The One Show was joined virtually by American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Tyler Perry and comedian Brendan O'Carroll. The pair looked very comfortable with each other sitting side by side as they chatted with the hosts when the Mrs Brown's Boys star blasted the BBC, stating that filming in the USA was a better experience.

Mrs Brown's Boys has been entertaining fans for over a decade, leading to the creator's talents being spotted internationally.

The 66-year-old joined The One Show virtually from Atlanta, where he is currently working with Tyler Perry, 52.

With McFly's Harry Judd and radio DJ Lauren Laverne presenting the show, the pair were eager to learn more about Brendan's change of scenery.

Harry asked: "Obviously, for the film you have taken Mrs Brown stateside, was it a similar set up to how you shoot Mrs Brown's Boys?" 

Brendan replied: "Oh god no, it's much better than the BBC."

The studio and Tyler erupted in laughter as he continued: "No, it was quite an experience for anyone who's never been there, and there's a lot of people who haven't.

"The Tyler Perry Studios are just astonishing, I mean, you could drive around there for a day, and you wouldn't see the same place twice."

The pair are currently recording the new Netflix comedy A Madea Homecoming.

Madea has appeared in multiple standalone films but has popped up in some of Perry's other titles. 

Continuing: "To do it there was great, and also Tyler's got a particular way of working.

"You do a scene, and he gives you a treat [he mimicked munching the treat], and then you do another scene, and he gives you another treat.

"And then he says fetch, fetch, and that means you are not on screen."

Brendan is currently in Atlanta at the Tyler Perry Studios working on an upcoming project (Image: BBC)

Long time fan Christine Bridgeman was excited for the collaboration, tweeting: "Brilliant can't wait to see it."

However, it was a comment the star made shortly after discussing the film, which stole the thunder of his cameo appearance.

When asked if he would be returning the favour and writing Tyler into his TV comedy, he replied: "He's very expensive, and so far we haven't had anyone of his colour in there."

At the time, the comment was glossed over with an audible silence lingering in the studio.

He continued: "So I don't know if we could have him in but… I'd love that, but more importantly, I'd love to do another movie with him."

Understanding that the comment struck a nerve, Tyler added: "Diversity rules!"

Watchers of the BBC show had to process what he just said, and it wasn't long before the online chatter started.

@FlopsyPickle tweeted: "Ugh can't stand the whole Mrs Brown's Boys show, how did such tripe get made in the first place, let alone repeat series? It's just stupid. #TheOneShow"

"Brendan Carol just made a racist remark on The One Show, and not one person called him out. Shame on you, BBC #TheOneShow," shocked onlooker @lynnw46 added.

William Kofi tried to see both sides of the story but still thought it was wrong: "Brendan O'Carroll's attempt at being funny towards @tylerperry on BBC One Show tonight was quite embarrassing. I'm sure no malice was meant, but that comment was wrong on so many levels.

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