Brendan O’Carroll’s secret Mrs Brown’s Boys miniseries plan – but crew tied for time with two-year tour

 BRENDAN O’Carroll is ­planning a Mrs Brown’s Boys miniseries rather than a full TV run — because he’s tied for time with two years of postponed tour dates to play.

The Irish Sun recently revealed the Dublin funnyman, 66, was set to resurrect his most famous ­creation for the BBC this year.

Mrs Brown's Boys Jenny Gibney and Brendan O'Carroll hope to reprise roles for miniseries. Credit: Getty Images 

Confirming rumours that he’d be shooting new episodes in April, ­Brendan told us: “If the time is there, I would love to do a little miniseries just to say thank to the audience of Mrs Brown and thank you to the BBC for the confidence in trusting me.

“But I’m barely going to have time to write my name with all the dates we have to do.”

O’Carroll has to catch up with ­concert dates that Covid caused to be postponed all around the world.

His gigs will kick off with a massive arena tour around Britain in June.

Brendan told us: “It’s two-and-a-half years since Mrs Brown has been on stage so there’s a huge amount of postponed dates we need to do.

“We’ve got 132,000 tickets sold for an eight-week UK tour, then over the next 18 months we’re going to Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

"All places where we had to postpone tours. Boy am I going to be busy.”

The Finglas star revealed the new episodes — the first stand-alone Mrs Brown series since 2013 — are part of a bunch of special shows to mark the BBC’s centenary year in 2022.

To celebrate turning 100, the Beeb is planning to broadcast specials of its biggest programmes including Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Top Gear, MasterChef, The Apprentice and Antiques Roadshow — with Mrs Brown’s Boys also asked to contribute.

Father-of-four Brendan explained: “We were talking about doing ­something for the BBC centenary, a stand-alone movie or a miniseries.”

His return to the small screen comes after his biggest role ever playing Mrs Brown in the latest film in Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise, A Madea Homecoming, out tomorrow.


And creator Tyler, 52, has revealed he would love to return the favour to Brendan with his gun-toting granny guest-starring on the BBC series.

The New Orleans man told the Irish Sun: “If Brendan said the word, I would be there. I love working with this guy and I’d love the opportunity to just show up and be the character and not have to direct.

“Fingers crossed. I’ve seen several episodes for sure of Mrs Brown’s Boys, and I love it.”

Brendan’s wife, Jenny Gibney, also stars in A Madea Homecoming — the 11th flick in which Tyler plays madcap gran Madea, a character which has so far made him €600million across a series of movies and hit plays.


O’Carroll and Jenny were on the red carpet in Los Angeles on Tuesday night for the premiere of new Tyler Perry movie A Madea Homecoming.

Shot in Atlanta, US, Brendan said he believed Mrs Brown fans would have no problem lapping up the humour of the comedy.

He said: “The rise of ­hip-hop and the way ­African American culture has spread around the world means this is a worldwide language.

“That culture has also made people happy. So I think this will be fine.”
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