Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll doesn’t let Eilish O’Carroll live down TV blunder

MRS Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll didn't let Eilish O'Caroll live down her TV blunder.

The Irish actress, who plays Winnie McGoogan on the hit BBC comedy, made a mistake while saying her lines on the live Halloween special last Friday.

Siblings, Eilish and Brendan on Mrs Brown's BoysCredit: BBC

Talking about the live show on The Six O'Clock show, she said: "It did go wrong for me.

"I didn't expect it to.

"The line was supposed to be 'Sex is overrated', a very simple line.

"But, that's not what came out of Winnie's mouth.

"She said 'Sex was a pain in the a**'."

Eilish was hoping that no one would notice so she could quickly move by the blunder.

However, her brother Brendan, who plays the show’s matriarch Agnes Brown, wouldn't let Eilish's mistake to go unnoticed.

Eilish said: "I thought he would, I thought he'd let it go. I mean, we all make mistakes!

"That's what Brendan is best at, picking up when something goes wrong.

"He loves it."

The Mrs Brown's Boys star's mistake may have something to do with everyone's nerves about the show being broadcast live.

Eilish said: "I can't describe the nerves.

"We perform in front of a live audience all the time, and you'd think that we'd be used to it.

"But, because it was a live broadcast, you pick up everyone else's nerves.

"The crew were nervous because they only get one shot at getting the camera shots.

"So, we rehearsed it and rehearsed it and I was eating, drinking and, sleeping it.

"When it was over, the relief that it was done and dusted.

"You can't describe the high and then the low afterwards."

The Irish star won't be getting a rest anytime soon as she will be heading back on stage next Thursday.

Eilish said: "I'm back on stage starting the 11th of November in Portlaoise for two nights doing my own show, Live Love Laugh.

"I cover quite a range, from early childhood to embracing getting older."

Eilish won't have anyone to call out her on any mistakes she makes, as it is only herself on stage.

She said: "I've nobody to rely on, if I get stuck - I get stuck."
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