Mrs Brown's Boys fans call for return of Dino Doyle after Halloween special


Gary Hollywood played the character Dino Doyle on the divisive BBC comedy (Image: BBC)

It has been reported that the Mrs Brown's Boys Halloween special achieved lowers ratings than the Christmas' episode so many viewers are calling for Dino Doyle to be brought back in

Mrs Brown's Boys fans have called for the return of Dino Doyle after the Halloween special aired last week.

Fans were disappointed with the episode, with some specifically calling for Dino, played by Gary Hollywood, to come back to the show.

It has been reported the show pulled in just 2.6 million viewers compared to 3.7 million viewers for the last Christmas' special.

However, 2019's Christmas show 7.04 million viewers, seeing almost a five million drop in just two years.

Fans took to Twitter to call on the return of Dino.

One fan tweeted: "We laughed 0 times watching it. The haunting was silly and basically for nothing, nothing funny and it was for Halloween but Maria and Dermot never mentioned their triplets. Miss Dino & orig Rory my faves."

Mrs Brown's Boys fans called for the return of Gary Hollywood

Another added: "Was ok but wasn't as funny needs Dino and the original Rory back. We want Dino and Rory."

A third wrote: "Where is @MrGaryHollywood? He's brilliant at the comedy timing. #MrsBrownsBoys," as another added: "No Dino and Rory?????"

The Halloween special was live and was broadcast to Ireland, the UK and the US but even with the added pressure it seems the show aired without any major stumbles.

However, it didn't seem like this was enough for fans of the show as some even turned over to watch Gogglebox instead.

One fans wrote on Twitter: "Who watches that rubbish? Thank goodness for #Gogglebox."

Another added: "Huge fan of the show but this for a live special tv event is poor #MrsBrownsBoys," as a third said: "Who the hell commissioned this drivel!!! #MrsBrownsBoys."

Gary Hollywood, who played Dino Doyle in the programme recently spoke to The Mirror about his struggles with mental health.

The star opened up about how he struggled to see friends or even spend time with his new baby despite being a patron for mental health charity Back Onside, he felt it was difficult to seek help.

He said: "It was that classic male idea of needing to be strong for my family. It was dark times, but I knew everyone around me had a lot going on, so I was trying to look out for them - but it turned out I wasn’t dealing with my own troubles."

Gary opened up about his mental health struggles ( Image: BBC/BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Gary had a difficult year after the death of his brother as well as the premature arrival of his baby and leaving Mrs Brown's Boys.

Baby Ollie arrived in March 2020 which was a month before his due date meaning he weighted just 5lbs which brought on various health issues.

Gary acknowledge in particular that it is important that people seek help when they are struggling mentally.

He said: "Putting your hand up and saying ‘I need help here’, whether that is asking to be connected with a counsellor, or simply asking a friend to listen to you over a cup of coffee, is so important. I did it, and so can anyone else."
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