Mrs Brown's Boys' Christmas 2021 special— everything we know

 Mrs Brown's Boys' will return to our screens for a Christmas Special

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas 2021 special is on its way. (Image credit: BBC)

The Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas 2021 special will be a big part of the Beeb's Christmas TV line-up, with news that there'll be not one but two special episodes to celebrate Christmas and New Year. 

Earlier this year there was also a Halloween special, which saw Mrs Brown’s late husband, Redser, arriving in Finglas to haunt her.

The Halloween special was a live event and also marked the 10th anniversary of the series. Speaking about it ahead of its launch, Charlotte Moore, BBC's Chief Content Officer said: "I'm thrilled that we are marking the 10th anniversary of the award-winning Mrs Brown's Boys coming to BBC1 with this very special live broadcast.

"A huge thank you to Brendan and the team for keeping us all so brilliantly entertained for a decade. I can't wait to see what mischief Agnes and family have in store for us this Halloween."

But now that Halloween is over for another year, all focus is on Christmas, and Mrs Brown's Boys will air two specials to keep fans entertained over the festive period. Here's everything we know so far...

'Mrs Brown's Boys' Christmas 2021 special release date
When asked about a special, writer and lead actor Brendan O'Carroll told us: "Yes, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We’ve recorded the first of our two Christmas specials and started rehearsals for New Year’s. It’s amazing to be back in front of an audience! They roared and cheered and cackled, it was like they’d been let off the leash. It was a buzz!"

So we know that episodes will air on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, but we don't know the exact timings yet. Watch this space!

What are the plots of the Christmas specials?
So far we haven't had any synopses for the upcoming Christmas episodes, but Mrs Brown has been a household name over the festive period since 2013.

While there's no plot, we can expect more mayhem!

Will there be a full series in 2022?
So far, it seems unlikely that a full series of Mrs Brown's Boys will return to the BBC. The last time we had a proper series was in 2013, and now the BBC have only been airing special episodes to celebrate certain events such as Christmas and Halloween. However, if a new series is set to arrive we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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