Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll reveals live Halloween special is ‘terrifying’ for crew

 MRS Brown's Boys star Eilish O'Carroll has revealed the live Halloween special is "terrifying" for the crew.

Eilish confirmed the special as well as the return for Christmas and New Year episodes.

The actress, who plays Winnie McGoogan on the hit BBC comedy, explained how the live shows are a source of stress for those working behind the scenes.

She said: "There is [a Christmas special]. I'm flying over on Tuesday to do a Christmas special, a New Year's Special and a Halloween Live, I believe.

"And it'll be streamed live on the telly.

"We did [it before] and it terrified the crew more than it terrified the cast. It was brilliant.

"It's terrifying but I love that. It's a bit like live theatre, if something goes wrong now there's nothing you can do about it.

"You're going to have to just stand up to the plate and go, 'Oh made a mistake there'.

"I remember the last time I did it and everybody was so tense and I didn't know why because I'm going, 'This is what we always do'.

"But the crew, the cameramen, I think they were physically shaking."

Eilish also spoke about how she and her partner Marion O'Sullivan live apart and needed their space over lockdown.

She told Ray D'Arcy on RTE Radio 1: "Marion lives in Cork and I live in Dublin, that's not to say we don't spend time together, of course we spend time together.

"But it really works for us particularly in the pandemic because there was a point when we were [together] 24/7, we couldn't get out of your county so Marion was in Dublin at the time when they brought that in.

"But we were able to say it at the same time, almost to the same day, 'it's time you went back to Cork'.

"For us, we had that advantage that she could go back and the luxury of that.

"And as soon as she did go back, we could talk on the phone and it was like we hadn't had a cross word.

"We just felt terribly helmed in, she missed Cork, she missed the freedom and I just thought, 'God if I come down one more time to see that face opposite me...'"

The 68-year-old revealed how getting a dog helped her get through lockdown.

She said: "Lockdown was extremely tough for me so I bought a dog. I always wanted a dog but because I travel so much I can't have a dog.

"I just thought, 'I don't know how long this pandemic is going to go on for, could be six months, could be five years'.

"And I was really missing hugging so I bought this beautiful little cross between this Jack Russel and a Maltese and I called him Jacko because I was missing work as well."

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