Mrs Brown’s Boys family tree – how the comedy’s cast are related in real life

 MRS Brown's Boys first hit screens back in 2011 and has since become a firm household favourite.

The cast's great on-screen chemistry is due to the fact that it is made up of close friends and family - but do you know who is related to who?

If you weren't aware of all the family ties on the Irish-British sitcom... be prepared, it's a lot to take in.

Let's take a look...

Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll)

Creator Brendad O'Carroll has all his family involved in the showCredit: Handout

Brendan, 65- who plays protagonist of the Irish-British sitcom - is dad to Danny (Buster) and Fiona O'Carroll (Maria) in real life.

He's also managed to reign in on his real-life sister, grandson and daughter-in-law to star in the show too.

Buster Brady

Danny O'Carroll, 37, has taken on the role of Anges' son Buster.

And while he works on set with his sister, dad and aunt, he also works with his wife, son Bono, best pal and brother-in-law too.

Cathy Brown (Jennifer Gibney)

Jennifer Gibney, 57, plays Anges' daughter in Mrs Brown's Boys, but she's actually Brendan's wife.

So that makes her Danny (Buster) and Fiona's (Maria) real-life step mum.

She's also related to Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie), but not by blood, as she is her sister-in-law.

Winnie McGoogan (Eilish O'Carroll)

Eilish O'Carrol, 68, who plays Anges' next door neighbour Winnie, is actually Brendan's sister in real life.

This makes her Maria and Buster's aunt, as well as Jennifer's sister-in-law.

To make matters even more confusing, she's also grand aunt to Bono Brown and her on-screen daughter Sharon is Jennifer's real-life sister.

Maria Brown (Fiona O'Carroll)

In the show Brendan's real-life daughter Fiona O'Carroll. 40, plays his daughter-in-law as she is married to Agnes' son Dermot.

But in fact she's actually married to Martin Delany, who plays Agnes' son Trevor.

So Fiona's real-life step mum is Jennifer Gibney, Danny (Buster) is her brother, Eilish (Winnie) is her aunt and she's aunt to Bono Brown as well (Jamie O'Carroll).

Trevor Brown (Martin Delany)

Martin Delany plays Agnes' youngest son Trevor and is married to Fiona O'Carroll in real-life.

This makes him Brendan's son-in-law, Danny's (Buster) brother-in-law and Jamie (Bono) is his nephew.

Betty Brown (Amanda Woods)

Though things are already confusing enough, Amanda Woods' alter-ego Betty is also related to creator Brendan.

The actress is married to Danny O'Carroll (Buster), so this makes her a daughter-in-law both on-screen and off-screen.

Bono Brown (Jamie O'Carroll)

The teen - played by Jamie O'Carroll - is the youngest of the O'Carroll/Brown clan.

His real-life dad is Danny, making Brendan his granddad and Amanda is his real-life mum.

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