Brendan O'Carroll hints at new full series of 'Mrs Brown's Boys'

Brendan O'Carroll stars in and writes Mrs Brown Boys (Credit: BBC)

Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll has teased a new full series of the show could be on the cards.

The hit sitcom is returning to BBC One with yet another Christmas special this year. But O’Carroll who writes and stars in the show as Agnes Brown hinted another series could follow.

The 64-year-old comedian told “I’m happy with Christmas specials. At some stage… they continually hint at some stage of having a full series back. Just having a full series.

“The agreement with the BBC is that when they decide it’s over, it’s over and that suits me fine. I bring it to a close.

“But as long as they want to keep running it on Christmas Day I’m gonna keep doing it on Christmas Day and hopefully get better and better and better.”

Brendan O'Caroll stars with his own family in 'Mrs Browns Boys' (Credit: PA)

O’Carroll stars in the show with his real life family - including wife Jennifer Gibney, his children Danny and Fiona O’Carroll, his siter Eilish O’Carroll and his grandson Jamie O’Carroll.

The family were due to take the live show Mrs Bown’s Boys D’Musical to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the US next year, but the world tour has now been postponed to 2021 while the UK tour is extended.

Brendan told ITV’s This Morning that he plans his schedule so he can have 26 weeks of the year off.

He said: “We have nine kids on the road, four tutors and five nannies, and we do travel as a family.

“Although we sound very busy we don’t work more than 26 years of the year, and then we take 26 weeks off. If it does’;t fit into the 26 weeks, we’re not doing it.”

Gibney added: “They’re very busy 26 weeks!”

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