BBC Mrs Brown's Boys: The Queen is such a big fan Buckingham Palace asked to see episodes early

 Yet another perk of being the Queen

Mrs Brown played by Brendan O'Carroll (Image: Image: BBC/BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Being Queen of England comes with many privileges, such as living in a royal palace and owning all the swans in the Thames.

However, a lesser-known perk for the Queen is that she receives advanced copies of Mrs Brown's Boys for the Royal Family to enjoy.

Brendan O'Carroll, who stars as "Mammy" Agnes Brown, claimed he doesn't see the show before it air, but the producers have made a special exception for the Queen.

Series creator Brendan revealed that the Queen was "one of the few" to get a preview copy of the 2019 Christmas and New Year's specials, as reported by The Metro.

Brendan signed a deal with the BBC to keep Mrs Brown’s Boys on-air until 2026.

But BBC bosses had to intervene before the 2020 Christmas special, and the Queen once again had a part to play.

According to the Express, Brendan was warned by the BBC that the show ran the risk of being scrapped on Christmas Day 2020 if he included references to the monarch.

Brendan revealed he was told to read through his Christmas special scripts and tread carefully with references to the Queen.

After presenting the script to bosses, it had to be tweaked at the last minute as the BBC wanted a segment changed if the Queen died before the show was broadcast.

Agnes Brown, played by Brendan, was set to deliver her own version of the Queen’s Speech, but after the warning from the BBC, Brendan scrapped it.

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas and New Year special 2020 (Image: BBC)

Recalling a meeting with bosses, he explained: "I replied, 'Why? Are you afraid of offending the Queen?

"Sure, you only have to look at what The Crown is doing!

"[The BBC] said suppose something happens to the Queen before Christmas comes," Brendan told the Irish Sun.

"If we put that bit in the main body of the show, then we may have to scrap the show. I went, 'Wow, you're right!'"

If the Queen is a superfan, we are sure she would be flattered to see Agnes' interpretation of her famous Christmas speeches.

Like her Royal Majesty, we are eagerly awaiting the next Christmas special.

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