Mrs Brown’s Boys' Eilish O’Carroll breaks silence on the huge pay controversy surrounding show

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll has spoken out on the controversy surrounding pay on the show after one of her former co-stars took legal action claiming they were unfairly paid

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll has broken her silence on the huge pay controversy that has hit the popular show in recent times.

The comedy show came under fire last year, after it came to light that show creator Brendan O’Carroll was being sued by Dino Doyle actor Gary Hollywood.

The actor claimed he was paid less than his co-stars for All Round to Mrs Brown’s, and further claimed he had been let go from the Christmas special after speaking up on the issue.

However, the actor dropped the lawsuit this week, and Brendan's loyal sister Eilish, urged people not to believe everything they read, following the claims of unfair pay last year.

“I really and truly don’t know if it’s just paper talk or whether somebody is trying to make a name for themselves" she told the Sunday Mirror.

“It’s all gone quiet again and all I know about it is that Gary was disappointed he didn’t have two Christmas specials when we went to record last year.

“But there’s no guarantee. I suppose Winnie, Grandad and Agnes are always in every episode, a formula for a sitcom is three-prong.

“You can have people come and go but the three will always be in the episode".

She admitted that she believed sometimes other cast members may not understand, that these three characters were a staple in every episode, and that envy could be at play.

“But all the other cast don’t get that. I think sometimes people can become envious, but it’s always been my mantra, if you compare yourself to somebody else or worrying about what they have or how they live, you will never be happy", she continued.

“I always ask myself, am I happy with what I have or what I’m getting? If I am then I don’t give a s*** about anyone else."

“Don’t believe what you read in the papers, I rarely read the positive or negative things they say.”

However, while Eilish is happier than ever now both professionally and in her personal life with partner Marion.

She previously admitted it had been a long journey to love herself, telling RSVP she felt 'selfish' after splitting from her ex-husband.

The actress, famed for her role as Winnie McGoogan on the hit BBC and RTE comedy, realised she was gay while married to her second husband in her 40s.

"It's not a decision you take lightly," she said of coming out.

"You don't walk hand in hand into the sunset with the person that you have fallen in love with because what you're carrying is guilt, shame, the pain you have caused the very people you love.. your children, your husband, your family," she admitted.

"It's like, 'How can I be so selfish? Is it really that important?' And life threw me a curveball that I was not expecting and my whole world turned upside down."


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