Mrs Brown's Boys Danny O'Carroll has only seen dad Brendan for one hour since Christmas

 The actor, who plays Buster Brady, said: "I got to see him for an hour the week before Christmas. I got a hug and then I had to drive back to Donegal and I haven't seen him since"

Mrs Brown's Boys actor Danny O'Carroll has only seen his dad, show creator and star, Brendan for one day over last 15 months.

The pair hugged during an hour long meeting in the lead up to Christmas and he hasn't seen him since.

Brendan currently lives in Florida with his wife Jennifer Gibney, who plays Cathy Brown on the show, and Danny lives in Donegal with his wife Amanda Woods, who plays Betty, and their sons Blake and Jamie.

Danny said: "I got to see him for an hour the week before Christmas. I got a hug and then I had to drive back to Donegal and I haven't seen him since.

"I miss him, I just want to give him a hug but, listen, there are a lot people out there like that."

Danny is restricted from flying to Florida to be with his father due to border rules in America.

Speaking to Jenny Greene on RTÉ 2FM, he said: "I have a house out there but with the lockdown America have closed their borders unless you have a green card. I don't have a green card, my brother and Dad and Jenny have one so they get to stay in Florida. It is tough but we will get to each other soon."

Danny added: "I miss everyone else on the show, we are all family. My best friend Paddy and I haven't seen each other in months with all the travelling."

The actor, who plays Buster Brady, was diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this year and he is looking forward to being vaccinated this month.

He said: "I got coronavirus back in January. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I wouldn't recommend it. I just want to get the jab, get back to normal and get back working. I want to see our friends and family."

The cast of Mrs. Brown's Boys were forced to postpone their live tour twice as a result of the pandemic but they will be filming a live episode of the show in October.

Danny said: "We have another tour in the UK starting next June and I think we are going to try and get to Australia in January, that is what we are hoping for.

"And then we are doing a bit of filming in between that, we have a live show coming up at Halloween which should be interesting.

"It is terrifying, I am absolutely crapping myself. We have already done one live from BBC and it is the most terrifying thing you will do, especially when your dad isn't nervous at all and he is raring to get you.

"You try and prepare for him but he always gets you, he is too good."

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