Mrs Brown's Boys - A Wonderful Mammy - Extras 06



A Wonderful Mammy

It’s Christmas in Finglas once again but it seems no-one in the Brown household has got the memo. Mrs Brown can’t please anyone. Betty is annoyed with her for giving Bono money, Mark is annoyed at his mum for not listening to Betty, Winnie thinks Agnes doesn’t care about her and Cathy think she’s too nosy. It might almost be better if Agnes had never been born… Enter Clyde, "an angel in training". Maybe he could grant Agnes her wish to show her what life would be like if she’d really never been born? Then maybe he could get his wings? Agnes scoffs at the idea but before she knows it she’s in a world she barely recognises. A world where her family is someone else’s, her friends don't know her and she must come to terms with a life she never knew. She'll just have to hope something wonderful happens...
Kevin Kennedy guest stars.

Mrs Brown's Boys - A Wonderful Mammy - Extras 06

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