Mrs. Brown's Boys' Danny O'Carroll tells why he moved to Donegal with wife Amanda

The actor swapped the capital for the north west of the country after meeting Amanda in a Letterkenny pub: "I moved in with Amanda's mam. I didn't even ask if I could move in, it sort of happened by accident"

Danny O'Carroll has confessed he fell in love with Donegal after swapping Dublin for the north west.

The actor, who plays Buster Brady on Mrs. Brown's Boys, made the move across the country after meeting his stunning wife Amanda Woods in a Letterkenny pub nearly two decades ago.

They hit it off immediately and Danny moved into her family home within days.

Nineteen years later, Danny and Amanda are married and they are parents to two sons; Jamie, aged 14, and 10-year-old Blake.

Danny said: "I moved in with Amanda's mam. I didn't even ask if I could move in, it sort of happened by accident.

"I stayed and then I never really went home. Her mam sort of adopted me."

He told the RTÉ Guide: "Her Mam is an absolute dote. I get a lot of stuff from Mrs Brown from her mam."

Danny and Amanda settled in Donegal because Amanda didn't want to make the move to the capital.

He explained: "Amanda, at the start, didn't really want to go to Dublin and I wanted to be with Amanda but then after a year or two it started to switch.

"Amanda wanted to move to Dublin and I was like 'No f*cking way, I am staying here, I love it up here'.

"It wasn't intentional but 19 years I am here. I am basically a Donegal man now."

Danny became a father young but he got great support from his family, as well as Amanda's seven siblings.

He said: "We had Jamie when I was 22, very early and all the family helped because we would be working away and Jamie would be travelling with us but when we were home, all he family chipped in gave us a break."

The Mrs. Brown's Boys star added: "There are eight brothers and sisters, five girls and three boys, so you are never stuck for a babysitter or someone to help out.

"Plus, there was nothing really down in Dublin for me. Anything I do workwise, I can do it from here. My dad lives out in Florida, my mam moved to Waterford, my sister was down in Dublin with all here kids but everything I liked was up here."

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