Spice Girls star Mel B quizzed about Victoria Beckham by savage Mrs Brown: ‘Does she ever smile?

Spice Girls star Mel B was grilled about her band mate Victoria Beckham on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

 Victoria isn’t just famous for her pop career and clothing line, but her iconic pout that she pulls out for most of her photos.

 When Mel B popped round to Mrs Brown’s, she was quizzed on whether Posh Spice has ever cracked a smile.

 In a clip from the episode Mrs Brown asks: ‘I don’t want to put you on the spot, but honestly have you ever seen Victoria smile?’ 

Mel bursts out laughing and reveals the designer is in fact ‘really funny’. 

She replies: ‘Yes. Of course I have! She actually has a wicked sarcastic sense of humour. She’s actually really funny.’

Victoria Beckham has had an iconic pout (Picture: Terry McGinnis/WireImage)

‘Has she got teeth because I’ve never seen them,’ Mrs Brown says, causing Mel to start laughing again. 

Victoria decided not to take part in the Spice Girl reunion tour in the summer last year, and missed the final shows at Wembley Stadium as she was at the wedding of footballer Sergio Ramos.

 Scary Spice previously confessed she was ‘upset’ that Mrs Beckham decided not to show.

Mel and the Spice Girls reunited last year (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Mel B said on Good Morning Britain: ‘I expected her to come and say hi at least, not even on stage. Even as an audience member supporting.’ 

Asked why Victoria decided not to show, she said: ‘Do I look like I know? I’m sure she has her reasons.

 ‘I’m upset. Us girls we support each other no matter what. Wedding or Spice Girls show, come on! 

‘Doesn’t matter what it is. No, we’re all adults we have to respectfully get on with whatever, but it’s a bit disappointing.’

 All Round To Mrs Brown’s airs Saturday at 9.15pm on BBC One.

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