RTE viewers loved Harry Redknapp’s appearance on All Round To Mrs Brown’s

ALL Round To Mrs Browns returned tonight and fans of the show were delighted with Harry Redknapp's appearance.

Agnes Brown was joined by Harry Redknapp, Mick Hucknall, Maya Jama and her mum Sadie.

Harry Redknapp appeared alongside Mick Hucknall and Maya Jama

Agnes opened the interview with Harry asking him: "How come you've never managed England?"

Harry laughed and said "I don't know really."

To which Agnes replied: "You'd be a great manager for England, they might even win something, like a match."

Harry went on to speak of the difference between footballers lives nowadays to back in his day, he said "we use to get jobs in the summer because the wage was so small, in them days we was on about 14 pounds a week."

TV personality Maya Jama asked: "Was that a lot of money back then?" to which Agnes exclaimed "Harry didn't live in the 17th century!".

Harry went on to joke "you can get a hundred grand a week if you can just tie your boots up now."


Agnes then asked Harry about a strange interaction he once had with a fan.

Harry explained how he once end up allowing a fan to play half a match after he was heckling him.

He explained: "I was West Ham manger, all through the first half he gave me grief, drove me mad.

"Half time I made three substitutions, one of them got injured so I said 'eh big mouth can you play as good as you talk?' He said I haven't got boots, so I took him up to the dressing room.

"I'm asked who's the sub coming on? I said 'ain't you been watching the world cup? the Bulgarian striker'.

"So I put him on and he scored a goal."

Speaking of his son Jamie, Harry said he could tell when he was six that he was talented.

He spoke of how Jamie would skip school to go training with him. He joked that his wife Sandra only realised when Jamie was 15 and couldn't read or write.

Viewers were loving Harry's appearance on the show.

One person tweeted: "I will never ever tire of Harry Redknapp...what a man. #idol".

While someone else said: "You gotta love Harry, so funny."

Dan Metcalf added: "Arry telling the story of when a fan played a half in a pre season friendly for West Ham."
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