Brendan O’Carroll: Mrs Browns Boys star reveals family 'rule' in behind-the-scenes move

BRENDAN O'CARROLL - who stars as Agnes Brown on All Round to Mrs Browns - has revealed the humorous rule he has issued to his family, in an exclusive interview with Express uk.

Brendan O'Carroll: Mrs Browns Boys star joked about the 'two rules' his family abide by (Image: BBC•GETTY)

Actor and comedian Brendan O’Carroll, 64, famously works alongside his family as part of his comedy shows Mrs Browns Boys and All Round to Mrs Browns. While some may find it hard to work with family members, the Agnes Brown star has joked there are no disagreements on set because the rule is that he is “always right”.

There are two rules that the family understand
Brendan O’Carroll

 Brendan first brought Mrs Brown’s Boys to screens in 2011.

After a successful stint, he introduced their show All Round to Mrs Browns in 2017.

While Brendan creates and oversees the scripts for the shows, his family members also share their views when it comes to the content.

But, the actor joked he is “always right” as he shared the "two rules" his family abide by.

Brendan O'Carroll: Mrs Browns Boys star said his family haven't always liked his ideas (Image: GETTY)

He said: “There are two rules that the family understand.

“Rule one is Brendan is always right and rule two is when Brendan is wrong, refer to rule one.”

The actor appears on screens alongside his wife Jennifer Gibney and their chilldren. 

He went on to say that the cast "very much place their trust in me and its much appreciated".

But, Brendan admitted his family will call him out about an idea if need be.

“They’re not afraid to go, ‘Listen I don’t know if this will work dad’ and I’ll have a look at it again, but if I think it will, then we carry on with it," he divulged.

The actor went on to say his son Danny O'Carroll, who stars as Buster in the hit show, expressed his concerns when he pitched the idea of a musical to the family.

He said: “When we said we was going to do Mrs Browns the musical, Danny was the one who said I think this is a bad idea.

“And then on the opening night, he was the first to put his hand on my shoulder and say, ‘This is the best thing you’ve ever written, it’s the funniest ever’.

“It's no harm to have a little bit of doubt in there.”

The actor went on to say the family rarely disagree on set, as he added: “We’re not the Waltons you know, but it’s great.

“It’s not just on TV that we work on together, we work together on tour.

“We have our six grandchildren with us, we have two nannies, two babysitters, a tutor, but every single morning, I get to see my grandkids and have a cup of tea.

“Jenny has a great way of saying it, it’s nice that they’re there, but what’s even more nice is that they want to be there.”

Tonight, the hosts will be joined by guests Harry Redknapp, Maya Jama and Simpy Red frontman Mick Hucknall.

Brendan said of the latter's response to the show: "He was a bit taken aback like ‘What’s going on here?’ Once he loosened up, he was brilliant.

"I love Simply Red anyway, so I can’t see anything wrong with him."

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