Mrs Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll ‘hoping’ there will be Christmas specials again this year despite Covid-19 crisis

MRS Brown's Boys star Eilish O'Carroll is hoping Christmas specials go ahead this year amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The actress who plays Winnie McGoogan on the hit RTE comedy show, has confirmed that plans the festive specials are in the pipeline.

Eilish appeared on Elaine on Virgin Media and confirmed that plans for Christmas specials were in the works

But due to measures in place trying to contain Covid-19 there is some uncertainty about whether or not they'll be able to film them.

Eilish has admitted that she's hopeful that they'll go ahead.

She said: "We will have Christmas specials again this year.

"Now normally they don't happen until October so that's far enough away and I'm hoping that will still go to schedule.

"We have two weeks of Christmas specials so we'll be over there recording for about three weeks.

"That is really something to look forward to."


The 68-year-old has also told how she's delighted for her co-star Dermot O'Neill after he got the all-clear from cancer.

Dermot, 67, who is known to millions as Grandad on the show, feared he had suffered a relapse in the past month but the Irish Sun revealed that he was free of the disease last week.

However, Eilish admitted that she was "over the moon" for Dermot.

She said: "When we were finishing the tour last year he was going through treatment and I think we were finishing in Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin.

"And he was determined he was going to do Dublin. Now he did actually do a couple of shows in Belfast but he wanted to do Dublin and he did come in to do Dublin.

"And I said to him, 'If I have to stick a tube where you don't want a tube to get you on stage, I'll do that,' because he's such a lovely person to work with.

"And he's such a good friend and we're just absolutely over the moon about his news."

Eilish as Winnie McGoogan alongside her brother Brendan as Agnes BrownCredit: BBC Studios - Photographer: Alan Peebles


The actress told Elaine Crowley on her Virgin Media show about meeting celebrity Caitlyn Jenner on All Round Mrs Brown's.

Eilish said: "I've got to tell you Elaine, she's probably one of the nicest women I have ever met.

"She's very very humble. You know you have this perceived notion of what a celebrity is going to be like and particularly what an American celebrity is like because they're so out there. They're so gregarious.

"She was just so gentle and so authentic is the word I'd use. And an absolute joy to talk to, pity I didn't have longer with her."

Eilish also admitted that the banter between her brother, Mrs Brown creator, Brendan and Caitlyn was "absolutely hilarious".

She said: "I mean I thought some of it was a little bit close to the knuckle but she took it in such good spirit.

"He wasn't setting her up, he wasn't making fun of her, he was being Agnes Brown and Agnes Brown has no filter.

"But I thought it was extremely funny, she really was up for it obviously and yeah it was a really good interview."


The former Dancing With The Stars contestant has been open about coming out as gay and finding love with her Cork partner Marion O'Sullivan.

And Eilish praised UK presenter Phillip Schofield as an "inspiration" for coming out on national television.

She said: "Particularly when you're in the public eye and you've obviously been dealing with this for many years, you know, it's not something he just suddenly woke up and thought, 'Oh my God, I happen to be a gay man'.

"I think obviously that he was battling with that issue for a long long time.

"And to come out on TV like he did I think was quite inspiring for a lot of people of his age who will probably never come out.

"Who feel they have lived a life that they chose at the time and they're too scared to.

"He must've been absolutely terrified. Thankfully he had great support in his wife and his kids and I think if a person has that, they're assured of that, it makes it easier for them.

"I mean there is a fallout, let's not pretend there isn't a fallout with this because there is. There's a huge fallout for the family.

"But I just feel for a person to suddenly own who they really are and start living as they truly are, that takes an awful lot of courage and it's better in the long term from a mental health point of view and all on levels.

"And for everybody, it's better that people are living their truth."


Eilish is currently in isolation with Marion after they returned from Canada together.

The pair had flown over after Eilish and Brendan's sister sadly passed away earlier this month.

But Eilish admitted that staying with her other half for so long does come with challenges.

She said: "Marion came with me to Canada and we flew back in on the 16th and because we were on a long haul flight the sensible thing to do was self isolate for 14 days which we did.

"And just as that happened we were then told that everybody had to isolate, everybody had to stay at home.

"So I think she was terrified to get in her car and go back home to Cork in case she was stopped so she's still here and she's still alive, my god that's amazing.

"And you go, 'do I really need to hear your voice again?' I mean we really are good for each other but there is a time where you go, 'you're the only person I see, the only person I hear' and little things that wouldn't have annoyed you begin to annoy you."

Eilish with her partner Marion O'Sullivan

She joked: "So we put all sharp objects away about the third week because I think we were both kind of feeling it was dangerous not to have them out away in a safe place."

Eilish added: "We were sitting outside yesterday, where I live we have great neighbours we all sit outside together, 2 metres apart obviously and we have a chat.

"But we're sitting watching the train for Belfast go past and then the Dart and we're all looking up very envious going, 'I'd love to be on that train'."

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