Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Danny O’Carroll says he was ‘raging’ he didn’t attend NTAs as he thought show wouldn’t win

MRS BROWN'S Boys star Danny O'Carroll has said he was "raging" he didn't attend this year's National Television Awards as he, "thought there's no way we're going to win that one".

The actor appeared on Today to speak with the hosts Maura Derrane and Daithi O'Se about Mrs Brown's Boys and what he has been doing since lockdown.

Danny said that he and his family have been doing good

On the chat show, he revealed that he was "raging" that he didn't attend this year's NTAs after Mrs Brown's Boys won their comedy category.

He explained: "The last NTAs we were at we were up against a serious category and I just thought there's no way we're going to win that one so I didn't bother going.

"I was raging when they called us out, I was delighted but I was raging I wasn't there because I knew how dad was feeling and I knew how chuffed he would be.


"It means a lot to us it means a lot to dad. He deserves everything he gets."

Speaking about how he was dealing with the coronavirus lockdown he said that he is "enjoying it" and that he hasn't left his house.

Danny explained: "It's been great I'm enjoying it.

"I haven't personally been out really much at all I try and stay away from it all."

Then when he was asked how his wife and kids were doing he replied: "They're doing great they're doing really really good.

"Blake, my youngest, had his birthday on Sunday so he didn't know what to expect with the lockdown.

"He wasn't expecting much but that night he went to bed telling me it was the best birthday he's ever had.

"He was 10 and he got spoilt rotten."

Danny explained that he didn't think they would win this year's NTAs


Maura then asked the actor whether his son had ever appeared on the popular show.

Danny said: "He has been in the last the two Christmas specials.

"He pestered dad for years to be in the show and he finally got a part.

"He came in as my son that I never knew about called Blister.

"Blake's gas. His big brother plays Bono on the show and when he's out and about everyone asks him for pictures and he's wondering why they aren't asking him for pictures because he's been in the show in the show twice.

"He loves getting in and performing."

Danny then went on to speak about the musical that his dad recently wrote and how he wasn't sure about it at the start.

He explained: "You wouldn't tell dad not to do anything but when he said that he was going to do the musical I was a bit like 'What?'

"I didn't know dad had ever been to a musical so him writing one and doing one was I just thought he was off his rocker. Boy was I wrong.

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