Brendan O'Carroll says future looks bright from Mrs Brown's bunker

Mrs Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll has expressed his optimism that Ireland will change for the better once the Covid-19 emergency is over.

O'Carroll and his wife and co-star Jennifer Gibney joined Friday night's Late Late Show from their home in Florida, telling guest host Miriam O'Callaghan that although things are "scary" for people right now, there will be better times to come.

"We're going to come out of this very changed," said O'Carroll. "We're going to come out very different people.

"Some of us are going to come out single - after a murder! - but some of us are going to come out realising that, 'God, this woman that's in my house is my wife - and she's really nice!'"

"And a lot of people are going to find that, actually, working from home isn't that bad. So that will change; I think a lot of people will start working from home.

"Mind you, I heard a good one today about somebody working from home in Dublin [and] talking to a customer. The customer says, 'Can I speak to somebody higher up than you?' And they went, 'Hold on - Ma!'"

O'Carroll said people were now savouring the little things in life.

"We're not far from Disney[world]," he continued. 

"Disney is closed at the moment; it's very, very quiet. But it's honestly, and I'm not being overly romantic - we can hear the birds singing, the air is much fresher. Everything is clear, there's no noise coming from the roads.

"And we're actually talking to each other - even using this - we use [the app] House Party. I'll give you an example: yesterday in House Party myself, Jason Manford and John Bishop talked for half an hour. We would never get a chance to do that.

"Gibney said they are "very proud of the response in Ireland over what we're hearing over here and what we're hearing from people at home".

"I think in a crisis like this you need leadership, and Ireland seems to be doing an awful lot better in coping with it than here."

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