Rory Cowan hits out at DJ who said Fairy Tale of New York should be banned from radio

Rory insisted that critics of the song’s lyrics have missed the point of the song entirely

Rory Cowan has lashed out at a DJ who has called for The Pogues' Fairy Tale of New York to be banned from radio.

This week the Christmas mega-hit was thrown back into the public eye for all the wrong reasons when the BBC’s Alex Dyke went to town on the song.

In a deleted tweet, Dyke ranted: “Radio, let’s ban Fairytale Of New York this Christmas!” he wrote.

“‘You’re a slut on junk, you scumbag, cheap lousy faggot’ – is this what we want our kids singing in the back of the car? “It’s an offensive pile of down market chav bilge. We can do better.”

But the former Mrs Brown’s Boys star, who has worked with Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury, blasted the DJ as “ignorant and pathetic”.

And Rory insisted that critics of the song’s lyrics have missed the point of the song entirely.

“In my mind, Fairytale is one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written”, he told the Irish Mirror.

“This has started to come up every Christmas and it is always from a DJ; someone desperate for publicity or some snowflake who is offended.

“I am a gay man and I certainly am not offended by the word faggot in the song.

“And I certainly don’t need some DJ from the BBC getting offended on my behalf.”

Singers Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan. (Image: Tim Roney/Getty Images)

The actor and former music promoter, 60, says that the only thing worse than banning the song is deliberately changing the lyrics.

“Shane’s songwriting is what sets the song apart from all the other Christmas songs out there”, he said.

“He is a genius and he changed the way that we look at Christmas music.

“What is just as bad as calling for it to be banned is changing the lyrics.

“Ronan Keating did that a couple of years ago and it was just terrible, what the hell was he thinking about?

“He can just f**k off because he is changing art.

“Can you imagine if Ronan Keating changed the words of U2 song or a poem, people would be up in arms.

“This is the same.”

In the past McGowan has been forced to release a statement explaining the reason behind his choice of the controversial word.

“The word was used by the character because it fitted with the way she would speak and with her character,” he said.

A BBC radio presenter is calling for Christmas classic Fairytale of New York to be banned from the airwaves - for being an 'offensive pile of down market chav bilge'. DJ Alex Dyke ranted to listeners that he was no longer comfortable with having the "nasty" Pogues' festive hit on his playlist. (Image: © Solent News & Photo Agency)

“She is not supposed to be a nice person, or even a wholesome person. She is a woman of a certain generation at a certain time in history and she is down on her luck and desperate.”

Rory was working with Shane’s label EMI at the time the song was released and he says he knew immediately that he was witnessing something special.

“I was working in EMI and we put out the song at the time and it was incredible.

“We also put out the Pet Shop Boys at the same time and they had the UK number one but in Ireland The Pogues way out sold them.

“Shane explained to to me at the time that the song is abut two bad people.

“These are drug addicts and alcoholics and it is a story, a piece of writing which is beautiful and I don’t know why anyone would get offended by it.

“These people exist today and use that language today so if anything it is as relevant.

“Shane and the Pogues changed the way that Irish music is viewed across the world and moved it away from the diddly eye category.

“So for a DJ whose writing ability probably doesn’t stem past writing an autograph he should probably leave a genius like Shane alone.”

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