Mrs Brown’s Boys could meet Hyacinth Bucket sister in epic Canadian roadtrip, teases Brendan O’Carroll

Brendan O’Carroll wants to send Mrs Brown on a road trip to Canada to meet her sister (Picture: BBC)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has a scrapped plot about Agnes’ sister Dolly.

 Dolly, who would be similar to Hyacinth Bucket from the 90s sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, was originally set to appear in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, but the storyline was changed.

 However the writer still has the script for the plot and hopes he can work it into the TV show or another big screen outing for the Irish matriarch. 

The storyline – in which Brendan plays both sisters – would see Dolly visit Agnes or vice versa, with the Browns heading to Canada for a family funeral.

He told ‘I had an outline of a script for a movie where Dolly sends Mrs Brown a telegram to say that such and such uncle has died in Canada, and there’s to be a will and a funeral. 

‘So the whole family go over to Canada for the funeral. It’s the last flight in the air because the airlines are going on strike and the funeral is taking place in Vancouver, so they have to go on a road trip to Vancouver for the funeral with the Canadian family and the Irish family on the road together. We’d have a bit of fun.

’ The 64-year-old went on: ‘She would have to be the complete opposite to Agnes.

Brendan stars opposite his wife Jennifer Gibney (Picture: BBC)

‘She’d have to be ever so prim, ever so proper, devoted to the scriptures, a teetotaler with a husband who hasn’t had sex in about ten years. She has to have a family that is completely the opposite to Mrs Brown’s family. She would have to be more Mrs Bucket.

’ Fans of the BBC comedy will be glad to hear the show is returning for two Christmas specials at the end of the year.

Until then he will be focusing on the Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical, which is running throughout November and December with stops in Belfast, Liverpool, Sheffield and Dublin.

 It picks up where D’Movie left off, with Mrs Brown putting on a musical to pay a £75,000 legal bill for successfully saving her fruit and veg stall. 

Despite writing Mrs Brown’s Boys for years, he found penning the musical so tough he ‘would rather be crucified than do it again’.

 He said: ‘It was a tough gig, it was a tough writing job. But with anything that’s hard, if you get a result, the joy from the result is twice as much.’

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